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August 13, 2005


Jon Miller

Wow! Congrats to you and Brother Gene on a first rate production! I am deeply impressed by the professionalism; by your clever wit and obvious talent before the camera. I expect to see you on the small and/or big screen in short order. Best of luck and much success!
Dude... you could be the next Frank Nicotero! (jk!)


The next Geraldo Rivera maybe? :)


You really ARE Mr. Perky!


Ha! Thanks for the kind words...

/Mr. Perky


Cool video, AJ.


Vunerability, definitely.


One day I'll happen by Entertainment Tonight and hear an inhumanly perky, "Hi, This is AJ Gentile reporting from Cannes..." and I'll be like...damn! I emailed that guy! Then I'll sulk, bite into my cheese sandwich and guzzle a Red Stripe.



I've been reading your name Gen-tile with a long I. Bet you never get sick of that. I was going to say, a white dude with a name like that, trying to bust into showbiz...I dunno.

But Genteel is so...genteel! Sheds new light on everything.

The bit with the Zombie and other wax stuff was funniest and strongest to me.

Oh! And the Crossword Puzzle thing.

I guess I like 'em a little on the mean and sarcastic side.


"I guess I like 'em a little on the mean and sarcastic side."

I'll have to show you what we cut. There was a whole bucket o' mean. And a double order o' sarcastic.


Really? You should share the mean sarcasm. I mean, it's the internet...show all your talents.

Well not all, just the ones that'll get you hired.

Um...let me re-think that line...


Heh heh. ;-)


Well, I tried the Flash one, but then, I switched over to the QT one (not really sure why). Waited for th QT one to download, but then, while the audio is fine, all the video played very fast in the first few seconds, and the screen was blank. I don't know if it was my computer or the file itself. Might want to check. I did go back to the Flash one, and fun!


Yeah, those videos are a little wonky. They're mostly here for amusment so wonky is ok. :-)

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