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August 31, 2005



Ha. Hilarious. So true. But there are people like that in all realms of life. Office buildings for instance. For the love of gods, you people just shut the fuck up. Enjoy the silence!

Special Sauce

Heh, I love my friends to death, but some of them? ALWAYS on. Great guys, but sometimes I just want to turn my brain off, instead of being the one-liner-queen.

And three cheers for FREE and DELICIOUS coffee. Because I work for the moderately big wigs, we get the unlimited supply of Green Mountain K cups. Come to meeeee, Belgian chocolate nut. It's like a little Poirot in a cup, it is... (Well, with fewer moustache hairs.) Shit. I'm doing it, aren't I.



Frist: you do SO have a personality, in a good way (at least in blogality)!
Second: great post
Third: Question: so this voice thing, is this for any type of part? is it like a pre-audition? Or is it for animation, radio commercials and stuff? (Can you tell I'm not in the business? huh?)
Four: I second the Fox and Sauce(age) (reminder: do NOT joke with people's names, do not joke with peoples names, how hard is that to remember?). Seems you don't have to be an actor to be ALWAYS ON. I have no friends who are like that, but that's only because I have better things to do with my time here on earth...


But you have failed to point out the distinct difference between stage and film actors. I would bet that stage actors are worse - ESPECIALLY the once that don't stop "projectig" when the rehearsal is over!


Recently, I've had the opportunity to do some radio commentary for our local NPR station here in DC. I had no radio experience at all. No studio experience at all. A lovely woman in L.A. (who does a lot of voiceover/cartoon work) gave me some excellent advice about working in a studio setting. I think one of the most valuable things she told me was to basically respect the engineers and producers and be ready to do your job, get it done, and get out.

Nobody wants to waste time while someone else does their "I think I'm Robin Williams" shtick. Ugh.

Do you take a small bottle of Tylenol with you when you go to do these gigs??


Years ago, in my brief encounter with local theatre during a writing workshop I ran into a huge gaggle of the "always on" crowd. Can't say that I enjoyed that part of it but the learning about writing bit was damn cool. Just wasn't big on dealing only with those types of personalities...all the freaking time.

I guess you just deal with their noise and go about your business, eh?


Rarity-- We're usually making audition tapes to send to the client.

Goddess-- So true. Stage actors can be SO PRESENTATIONAL AND DRAMATIC. But TV/Film actors are wayyyyyyyy more into themselves.

Merujo-- It's like a room FULL of Robin Williams: truly maddening. Your friend gave you excellent advice. Our engineers and producers are the same every day (at the agency), so we are very comfortable with them. What I wouldn't give for a little discomfort.

Groonk-- That's what I do. I do my thing, and bail out. But, contrary to my blog blabbermouthing, I'm a pretty quiet guy.

Special Sauce

But, contrary to my blog blabbermouthing, I'm a pretty quiet guy.

That's not what I've heard from your neighbors.



Ha! Tip your waitress, try the veal, I'm here 'til thursday!

(Actors love to say all of the above, too.)

juicy m

That's why I didn't go into showbiz - too much competition to be centre of attention ;)

Big ups to workplaces with decent coffee, they're right up there with workplaces who supply tampons for female employees: hurrah!


Stage actors are way worse - they never, ever turn it off or stop projecting to the back row; even when there's a camera three inches from their big faces.

Ugh. Don't they teach 'dial it down' in acting school?

AND - I'm glad to hear that the coffee is both delicious and free. Normally it seems to be one or the other.


ugh. just reading those accounts made me hate actors too. being able to keep a straight face, or smiling one as the case may be, is a sign of immense self-restraint.

i'm a tacher that hates all teachers, but my downfall is that my body language and facial expressions are like knee-jerk reactions to those that annoy me. so everyone knows i hate them.

i don't know many actors, but i'd probably hate most of them too. :)


I am fueling so much hate! Eeek!


oh, nono...i've always been this hateful all by myself.

oh, and you totally look like you're wearing lipstick in that picture.


Well, welcome to my world, Ms. Hateful.

And what if I *am* wearing lipstick? Hm?


People who are always on give me the creeps. To me, it is a red flag indicating that they have no actual personality, and must instead rely on a persona.

They're always pitching me Them.


Amen brother!

They are draining, sucking black holes of neediness.

But how about those brooding, morose "oh look how creatively eccentric I am", wannabe Marlon Brando types? Oh so wounded and soulfull, needing to be coddled by the director to discuss their motivation,when their real problem is illiteracy.
It's shocking how many actors lack simple english comprehension.


Haha. I stumbled upon this and I think it's hilarious. I act professionally too and I do meet many like that. That's why my best friends in the industry happen to be the sweet hardworking (and relatively quiet) crew!

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