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August 24, 2005



Evil bastich!

And timely, too. I just joined the world of portable and was wondering how i'm gonna secure this sucker. I only found one unsecure network in my apt area. And it wouldn't connect.

If you have any other suggestions on securing your wireless noise, please share.

top-seated-amateur groonk


So, was Anne a hottie? I remember an episode of Malcolm In The Middle back when it was funny when he discovered this family he was babysitting for was secretly videotaping him at work...his retaliation included some amusing computer hacking.


Hmmm... I never saw that one, Chuck. Sounds funny...

Groonk-- check the manual for your router/access point. It will have pretty clear instructions. Basically, you want to (a) name your network something other than "default" (b) change your router password often (c) change the subnet to be something unusual 10.182.211.x or something (d) enable some kind of wireless security: WEP Encryption / Passphrase authorization and shared-key authentication

Do these things IMMEDIATELY. It's too much fun and too easy to snoop unsecured networks. >:->




Bitte, babe.


I was never worried about my connection being unsecure... but now knowing that someone could access my computer freaks me out.


you are so evil... teach me your ways.


Oh I don't think I could teach *you* a thing, IW...


Jackin' wifi in suburbia...how new age white collar criminal of you!

Rock on...rock on!

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