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August 28, 2005



Come on, AJ, you wouldn't drive 3013 miles for a blind date?


You might be wrong about what us nice girls want (or in this case, don't want)... ;o)


Hiya, AJ... Out of curiosity, how did you find American Twentysomething? Did Naiah spill the beans? If so, I owe her a hug.

Anyhoo, your site has been bookmarked because of awesomeness. I especially liked this post. Verah nice. I'll be zooming through to see the past.

Peace out.

Special Sauce

C'mon, the girls who'd date you to piss off their parents? They're the most fun of all!

And the crazy Rabbi? He's going to haunt my dreams. Thanks.


Rarity-- Hmmmm... :perk:

Darius-- Yep, found you via Naiah!

Sauce-- You have a point re: bad girls.



My Jew fetish prompted me to sign up for Jdate at one point (a Jewish guy friend told me lots of girls on there aren't). I got tons of mail. Unfortunately, I'd already managed to score one on my own by that point. But it was good to know I'd be welcome ;)

Just a Girl (Jag)

Oh the irony!!!

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