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August 18, 2005



I knew you were dangerous...

and I'll never complain about a bad first date again!

Jon Miller

A very smart,very funny, very talented man are you!
I truly enjoy reading each and every entry.
Please continue the good work.


That's a huge compliment coming from you, Jon, as I know for a fact what a talented and insightful write *you* are.

Jon Miller

You are very kind, sir! I was just thinking that it would be GREAT to hear you tell this story on a stage...get that one-man show rolling!




Really enjoyable story, I was with you the whole way. The image of you throwing the table over to get to her and later being mortified... just classic.


Claire... I remember every *detail* of it. I guess the emotional impact of it burned it into my memory forevah.


So was there a second date?


I saved her freakin life, I think I earned a second date!

Yeah... we stayed together for a little over three years. Three mostly bad years. But that's a whole different post... (sigh)


It sounds like date one should have been an indication to run the different direction. I did get a kick out of your “Corned Beef Burrito” comment since I too am half Irish and half Mexican.

I wonder why it is we choose to stay in a relationship that we know is not going to work. I am guilty of the same. It's one of those just maybe, if I try a little or harder or longer and before you know it years have passed and you are miserable.


You're all too right Marina. BUT, we did learn valuable lessons from those relationships.


Great story! Seems to bear a bit of resemblence to something that happened to me March 3-5, 1995!

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