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September 14, 2005


OC Girl

Men, yes please nice shoes and dark jeans... please?

GFTYAHDAWS = explains SO much


I never notice a guy's shoes.

By the way, you're not fooling me AJ. I know you get your shoes shined just so when you stand close to an attractive woman you can see up her skirt.


Funny you talk about men and their shoes: Came out of the train today, following a well dressed man. Clothes fit him perfectly, shirt starched, pants well pressed. I almost drooled. Until I saw his shoes.

Damn. He was doing so well.

And I have something like your AADS and GFTYAHDAWS but it's called CWTYAHKS (Co-Worker Telling You About Her Kids Screen).




Let's not forget the ever popular use of offensive filters, such as the Jedi Mind Trick. When used properly on coworkers, bosses and significant others, it can be most effective.


I feel about hairdressers the way you feel about shoe shiners. All I want to do is sit there and read a 3 month old Cosmopolitan but I feel compelled to talk to this person rubbing my head. What? Am I going to pretend that there isn't someone running their hands through my hair?

I have a filter similar to Min's - CWCAHJBWODCAHS-Co-worker-crying-about-her-jerky-boyfriend-who-obviously-doesn't-care-about-her screen.

Special Sauce

Lizzie, Aaaaaa-MEN. I don't want a history of BedHead products, boyfriend stories, or yoga tips from the (incredibly talented) chick at Supercuts who does my hair. I want her to make it look fabulous again, and let me leave.

AJ, 1. Yes, it's true, shoes are the second thing we look at. (numbers one and three are always the face, and the pants, not always in that order.)
2. Shows how small-town I am, I didn't even know they still HAD shoeshine stands. Did you know they sell shoe polish in regular stores? (Damnit, where's the snark font when you need it?)

Jennifer Lankenau

I gotta tell ya man...a good pair of hiking boots on a man is enough to make me all warm and gooey...

No shoe shine nor demeaning of actresses required.

ms. sizzle

it's true for me: i check the shoes.

it's old fashioned and cute that you get your shoes shined. i kinda feel like that when i get a manicure. i could easily do it myself but...i pay someone to do it and feel like i should chit chat during it.

i don't like to chit chat either.


OCG-- Ah, I see you've encountered this countermeasures.

Rabbit-- Ha! I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.

Min-- AHHHHHHhHHhhH!!! The KIDS. Good filter. Oh my goodness. I want to stab those people right in the neck with a sticky candy cane.

Dariush-- "This is not the copy room you're looking for."

Lizzie-- Yep, I make small talk with the barber, too. Is "barber" thing a thing? I don't want to say "stylist." Just feels a little gay.

Sauce-- Har HAR. Yes, I have heard of this polish for the shoe. But I can never get it quite as shiny at home. I think they have some kind of industrial strength extra shiny stuff out there... Gotta get me some of that.

Jennifer-- You're a cheap date, I bet. Hiking Boots = Warm and Gooey. Great adjectives.

Sizzle-- We can't help it. Must chit chat. UGH. And yeah, we deserve to pamper ourselves a bit. Why the hell not.


I love how GFTYAHDAWS just rolls off the tongue. I'll need to see if the Black Brad Pitt can do a freestyle about it.


Ooh, I hate small talk, but I can cope. It's the barrage of questions about my life from hairdressers and dental hygienists that puts me over the edge.

But $7 for a shoeshine? Damn. Well, for Ferragamos it makes sense I suppose.

Also, the title made me laugh.


However, I do have to say - women like to check out shoes, and they know to check out watches (most of them). But keep in mind - you're shoes gotta MATCH everything that goes above. (And I don't mean mathy-match.) I mean - a guy in dress shoes and jeans - cheesy. Just so cheesy. The shoes don't fix the jeans. But here's a news flash. Jeans can be good. Just go with it and you'll be fine.


Hey AJ, if you ever need any lessons in shoe shining, I can share with you the tips I learned from basic training. That being said, even though I know how to shine my own shoes, I still succumb to the easy temptation of getting it done for me on occasion...usually during airport layovers when I have nothing else happening.

The Daily Ranter

My Grandfather told me when I was a wee lass: "You can always tell a man by his shoes." I still believe it. Keep those shoes glossy!


do you cry when you step in a puddle?


A BIG part of the whole shoe thing is also the SOCK thing. You can wear the shiniest black wing tips on the block. But if you have white athletic socks with them, it just loses something in the translation.

Then again, if the shoes are really big, I may forgive the socks.


As an equestrian I can identify other equestrians by their weathered skin and dirty shoes. We walk in the dirt everyday- therefore, our everyday shoes are always dirty. I also have the HODS- Horse Owner's Defense Shield (or the DQDS- Dressage Queen Defense Shield) When I see someone with the trademark weathered skin and dirty shoes, on the street or during acts of commerce, I immediatly avoid saying anything that would bring up the topic of horses. If the topic is brought up, act ignorant, and ask questions like "Oh, what's it's name?" until the moment arises in which I can escape.


I have a cousin that will dump a guy if he shows up for a date in shitty shoes, unpolished shoes, worn shoes.

Her theory: if he doesn't care enough about his shoes then he doesn't have the depth to care about me.

A grain of truth perhaps...


Am I bad if I never look at a guys shoes OR watch? If the clothes are clean and the shoes aren't obnoxiously off - like orange sneakers with a blue tux, etc - then I don't really care....


I definitely check the shoes. But I'm not looking for nice shoes, clean shoes. I'm looking for shoes with personality.

I like Converse the best. A boy in Converse has already got me weak in the knees before he even opens his mouth.


Unsom-- The Black Brad Pitt would be off the chain with that topic, bee! (Did I do that right?) If you get him to kick it, PLEASE post the vid.

Claire-- Thank you for geeking out with me over the title. $7 for a shine is a lot? Huh.

Krisco-- You are now the official fashion consultant for this blog. I need to send you my outfit for review. Can real men wear pink?

Chuck-- I don't want lessons in shoe shining from a military man! I want to learn how to kill a man with a pencil eraser and an empty bucket of Cool Whip.

Ranter-- Yes! Glossy! Grandpa was wise...

Meme-- I'm too macho to cry. Rather, I pout.

CB-- Love that Cliff Clavin look!

FFF-- There's also ANOTHER way to identify an equestrian. :pinches nose: ;-)

Lee-- Ouch. Sounds like I dated her at some point.

Goddess-- No you're not bad. You're actually AWESOME for not caring.

Helena-- Shoes with personality are perfectly fine. And my Chucks still get a lot of wear.

You guys shouldn't think I'm some kinda snobby, metrosexual. I'm usually sporting sneaks or my beat up suede loafers. But when going OUT to be SEEN by actual PEOPLE, I try and add a little pizzzzazz. (I have to make up for my... short... comings somehow)


No need to justify your good taste, AJ. It's perfectly normal. I'm just used to slobs.

By the way, all that talk about kneeling and subjugation...I feel like there's another facet to this story.


I win! I always win!


GFTYAHDAWS = my boyfriend on the phone today.

like he thinks i don't know GFTYAHDAWS! ha! ;)


I spend my life in Nike's and boots. I keep meaning to buy new shoes, but I forget or hate to shop (you know, other than for t-shirts and jeans, which I buy like I buy books and magazines - i.e. quickly). Is it any wonder I'm single?

I was even at a black tie awards bash not so long ago, I wore Doc Martens. A woman says to me:

"You're wearing DMs."

I can tell she's shocked, at best amused.

"I know, but at least they're black," I say cheerfully slurping more champagne.

Cookiebitch, is spot on.

My riding boots have never been cleaned. I like the mud, although last week it rained for an hour and now they desperately need attention. Does anyone know why I can find a shoeshine?

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