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September 12, 2005



I've yet to meet bloggers I didn't already know. I'd definitely be weirded out though. They offer up parts of their world for you to read and you wonder if they're really like that in real life.

I hear you're not supposed to meet you're "heroes" but I'd like to meet some of the "bloggers" that amuse me with their take on The World(tm). Folks like Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom, Neil Gaiman, Matt Fraction, AJ Gentile, Christopher J Priest, or the Amateur Gourmet quickly come to mind.

See how I slipped that in there? I'm a genius, I am.

Oh and "Lucy Fur" and "Mel Fist-up-heel-ease" is bloody brilliant!


so do you feel special when the housewives, as myself did, link to you? Jules told me about your website and I have been hooked for the last couple weeks. I'm totally stoked when you actually acknowledge me in my comments! Blogging is so fun! Makes the world a smaller place Fo SHO!

(Excuse me while I snack on some salty nuts here.)

Anyway AJ, you are the closest thing to a celebrity I know. Are you performing in Cleveland ever? If you were, I would definitly have to see your show. We have a cool place here called Pickwick and Frolic with a comedy club called Hillarities.

Chchcheck it out!!!


hmmm, i tried to link to PW&F but it didn't work. The website is www.pickwickandfrolic.com if you are interested. ~JAG


Hey, I just realized you linked to me! NOW I feel special! (seriously! thanks!)


Oh yeah, Jacquie just reminded me.

Thanks for linking to my wee little site, AJ.

I'm being serious, too.

Special Sauce

And we? Your fans too. Possibly your stalkers, but that could just be me. (You should really close your blinds, you know.)


Groonkster-- You slipped me in with a few of my own heroes! I'm nowhere near their caliber, but I'm always happy to take a compliment. And, my friend, I've been linking to you since Day 1. Ok, maybe Day 2.

Jax-- Salty nuts! Ha! I kill me! (Alf impression) Since I moved to LA, I haven't done any stand-up. BUT, I think I'm going to be in Cleveland in a few months. We'll put together a Cleveland Blog party at PW&F!

Sauce-- I leave my blinds open on purpose... meow.

ms. sizzle

he literally rapped: "ghost and demons choking on semen"?! i wouldn't be able to remember any of the other lyrics either! ha ha ha ha. that guy should get a record label, pronto.


Hey AJ, I am definitely *not* a celebrity. But thanks for reading my blog, and linking to it. That's one STRANGE street rapper you met...I'll have to go check out the tape now.


I feel so special.... I watched your video clips in your links and you're THAT guy!!!!! I like the creative pressure cooker idea, I'm gonna go watch your clip. You should link the entire project. Hmmm, ghosts? Did you find any???


I'm starting to feel guilty that I don't email back to the very few people who comment on my blog. Naiah rules cause she always emails the commentors.
I will start doing that from now on... or maybe not... or maybe when I feel like it.


OMG ... are you kidding? I'm such a fan of yours I want to stalk you. Except you're in L.A. and I'm not, and the commute is a BITCH. But if I were in L.A. I'd totally get arrested for hiding behind your couch, or sleeping in your shower.

I tell everyone I know you ... and I'm immediately pissed off when they don't know you. Of course that means they are TOTAL losers.

Anyway ... I wanna have your baby, man.


Sizzle-- I SWEAR TO GOD he did. David says he's going to post the rapper vid. When he does, I'll report it. You have GOT to see it.

Chuck-- You're a celebrity to ME.

Christa-- We didn't find any ghosts, but it still kind of creepy to be near a few famously haunted locations: Sharon Tate's house, Paul Bern's house, etc.

FFF-- You have WAY too many fans for that! Ever since you had lunch with Jon Stewart you've gone all Hollywood on us. At least I can say I knew you when...

CB-- You want to have my baby?? Well, anyone who reads YOUR blog knows what a big compliment that is! And uh, yeah, telling people that you know me isn't exactly going to open any doors. More than likely, it'll close a few. (Especially if those doors belong to women I've dated)


The video is now posted.
Because I'm a traffic whore, instead of posting a direct link here, go to my blog.


I'd have your baby ... I'd just make you care for it, diaper it, feed it, keep its head upright. And I'd take lots of drugs during the delivery. LOTS OF REALLY COOL DRUGS!

You're right ... it probably wouldn't work. SIGH ... can I just worship you from afar then? :)


Barbecue, Holleeeewood, memories of the Manson Family, and demon semen. Damn, now that's one hell of a day.

Suddenly, my day of rewriting cover letters and resumes and watching sappy reruns of "Judging Amy" on TNT pales. Actually, that was pretty pale already. Guess I have to call my day "bloodless" now.

And dammit, it's 2:15 in the morning, and I want barbecue.

I blame you, AJ. I blame you.


It's nice that you befriended another blogger. I went to an LA bloggers meeting a couple of weeks ago, and while it was fun, it was a little unnerving. We all know too much about each other before we made physical contact. It's like someone first seeing you in your underwear before you introduce yourself.

Magazine Man

I have to admit, there are days I'd love to meet my favorite bloggers, but like Neil, I would find it odd to know so many people's back-stories even as I laid eyes on them for the first time.

It's what I always imagined telepathy would be like. Cool, but scary.

The Daily Ranter

So, I'm sitting on the bed in a hotel room in Alaska, reading your blog and all of a sudden I see "truck driver". Truck Driver??? What? Truck Driver???? For real?? Oh. My. God. I am totally flattered that you wrote about me in your post! Tecnically, I don't drive, but that's okay...I'm still thrilled.

I love your blog and tell EVERYONE about it. You make me laugh. That's a good thing.

I guess meeting a blogger in real life would sort of be like meeting your date on the internet. Sometimes how they write doesn't translate well in person. I think I write and talk exactly the same. Except I think I might be funnier and bitchier in person.

Once again, thanks for linking me. Maybe someday I'll make it onto the "Finger Clicking Good" list. *sigh*



You are linked on mine! I love your blog. It reminds me of my cousin STacy's....I think he reads yours too. I think you are quite funny. I'm spreadin' the word!


As I scrolled through the comments, the overflowing love and happiness made me think of a song...

"Shiny Happy People Holding Hands!" Everybody now!
Too much love, man. Too much love...


As I scrolled through the comments, the overflowing love and happiness made me think of a song...

"Shiny Happy People Holding Hands!" Everybody now!
Too much love, man. Too much love...


I'm becoming quite a fan of this here blog.

And I know what you mean by meeting a fellow blogger and living up to some sort of expectation (or them living up to your expectation). I met one (the first) this weekend and one would think I was meeting God or someone or other.

And “Debbie Does the Underworld: Starring Lucy Fur and Mel Fist-up-heel-ease”----good one! Had to sound it out a couple of time but brilliant.

And you did a good running man in that video. Impressive.


You linked to me since day 2? I'm all embarassed and such.

AJ, I think you fit in amongst the crowd I listed just fine. Like a glove some would say.

Also on the list is Warren Ellis, Peter David, Knotty Yarn, Kelly Sue, and Wil Wheaton(but who doesn't want to meet him these days).


Unsom-- That video is insane. You definitely worked at MTV.

CB-- I think we should forget about the baby business. Let's just take the drugs and have the sex. What say you?

Merujo-- My blog always makes you hungry! (I'm eating Baja Fresh as I type this. Mmmm)

Neil, MM-- Agreed. Some blogs I read have WAYYY too much personal information for me to be comfortable. For example, MM, remember when you posted about impotence and anal fissures? Eek.

Ranter-- You may not drive, but riding shotgun in a rig and cruising the breadth of the US (and now Canada) is prrrrrrrrretty damn cool.

Jules-- What's Stacy's blog? I want to check it out!

Goddess-- It *is* a love fest in here. Maybe because the only people who read this thing are the authors of blogs that *I* read (and my dad, hey pop!). Isn't it a true rite of passage when someone posts a mean comment?

Goddess-- It *is* a love fest in here. Maybe because the only people who read this thing are the authors of blogs that *I* read (and my dad, hey pop!). Isn't it a true rite of passage when someone posts a mean comment?


Min-- Ha! Was I doing the running man?? I thought it was the Roger Rabbit. Damn. I am so not on the hype tip.

Groonker-- Wil who? ;-)

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