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September 13, 2005



AJ, you're pretty. Let's get married.

I'm sure the video is hilarious, but my speakers don't work too well, and it might be frowned upon if I crawled under my desk and stuck my ear to the speaker - something tells me thats poor work ethic.....


HA! Does that guy have a deal yet with Death Row Records? Man, the talent just abounds out there, doesn't it? I swear, on the news here, they always find the most ignorant, least educated person they can for fifteen seconds of fame. "No, djoo know, I tink eets jus' a bad thing they let dem rapists live right der nexa da school." Good, solid political observations on the whole registered sex offender law here in NM. But back to the point, do cameramen like have a running bet to see who can find these people? I've always wondered.


Very nice - oh, that picture of Linda Blair scared me! I think I need a drink now ;-)


That's so rad!
(I've never used that expression before, and I know it's very, very yesterday, but it was what came to mind!)

ms. sizzle

ha ha ha ha- that was awesome! caspar! loved it.


Goddess-- You MUST have speakers for this! Headphones! SOMETHING. He raps about "demons and semen" for chrissake. Maybe we can get Markland to put the lyrics on the bottom of the screen and we can follow along with a bouncing testicle or something.

Christa-- He *begged* us to do it. BEGGED, I tell you. Markland turned him down a few times. Because he rapped for us, I actually bought his CD. (Oye vey) Actually he was extremely nice and very polite. I mean, he was wearing a baby-blue polo shirt for chrissakes. And his pants fit properly. Huh.

Jewels-- I KNOW! There are some scares in that video. For the record, Markland put more scary images in these 48 seconds than were in the whole Skeleton Key movie. I'm just sayin.

Rarity-- Rad! I love rad. But I'm forever striving for "tubular."

Ms. Sizzle-- Haha! I forgot about Caspar. Honestly, everything after "semen" was a blur. Oh, and I was too busy dancing to listen. ;-)

Special Sauce

Was that the cabbage patch I saw there?
That was the perfect capper to this day- absolutely effin' hysterical. Though the skulls? More neato than creeptastic- were they on the tour, or like Linda and Casper, just for fun?

A rapper with properly fitting pants? Surely you jest!


Cabbage Patch Dance! That's awesome!


Sauce-- Cabbage Patch? I was told I was doing the "Running Man." And all this time I thought I was doing the "Roger Rabbit." :shrug: Huh.

Stacy-- I am white. It's NOT on.


Why do I keep feeling the need to say "Fo-shizzle"? Very nice though. I really like the occult and horror pics, then the uptight white dude in the suit for what is truly horrifying!!



AJ dancing made that whole video... that and the skulls!
tee hee.

I for one think the world needs more AJ dance videos! Who's with me!?


SERIOUSLY funny vid, AJ. Any rapper that can rhyme demons and semen gets points for originality, in my opinion. And nice dance moves you got there!



That was totally tubular.


Thanks for visiting my blog. It gave me a chance to find yours. Wish I could view the movie, but I'm on my early 1900s computer and the hamster is tired.


Outstanding. It's the kind of thing you need to watch before leaving the office. I'm not this now with a smile.


I LOVE your voice over demos! Fantastic!

I've always wanted to do that..but never pursued it past a few classes. I still think about it a lot though.

You are very talented. :)


I, of course meant, I'm doing this now...too much typing is my excuse.

Will throw a link up later. Cheers.


Wow, was that really a fat dude rapping about semen to the tune of Ghostbusters music?


Stubs-- You are totally my nizzle, man.

Imajika-- Thank you for the compliment on the dancing, but I am SO NOT WITH YOU on this one! :-D

Chuck-- He was a nice guy. Thank GOD Markland cut the rap down in the video. He went on for, like, an hour.

Helena-- Thx! I was afraid you'd think it was grody to the max and I'd have to gag you with a spoon or something.

Gina-- You should upgrade to a new steam-powered PC. They are capital!

Gordon-- That sentence was very Yoda. But I think I know what you mean.

Trudy-- DO IT! If you need any advice or tips, email me. Make it happen!

Gordon-- ;-)

Arm-- That is exactly right. I was as stunned as you are.


I'm with Imajika. More dancing AJ.
That was too funneh. I need a copy so I can play it on the projector during the Halloween Party.


I think you've got something with that dance, AJ. Everybody's talking about it. I know I was amused by it.

I see it now, "Dance Revolution: The AJ Edition". Millions on millions of teens copying moves by Superflex G(entile).

Clear the dance floor!

OC Girl

Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice those stealth dance moves as well.

Pure Genius, really.

I think that a Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance montage should be the next video we are blessed with…

What’d ya think Superflex G?


So what was this all about? I must have missed the explanation blog or something. I can't tell what the lyrics are, kinda mufffled here but just watching it was totally funny!!! You're a cutiepie too AJ and how cool is that you don't take yourself too seriously to attempt the "running man"!!! LOooooooove IT!!!! Have fun!!!!


Shini-- You will NOT get a copy of that. Ick.

Groonk-- Superflex G? Oye vey. Stupidicks Me, maybe.

OCG-- What are ya trying to do? Kill me? I'll break a hip if I attempt that.

Jax-- "Attempt" is the operative word. I attempted... poorly.

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