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September 09, 2005



OMG AJ, you must tell her you love her, but she must - MUST - wake up and smell the coffee.

There's no excuse. I'm sure if someone just gave her a subtle nudge, she'll end up the happier for it... What you describes is truly no later than 87 - but really, even older than that... In fact, maybe the look is so old it's actually just about to become new again. But I'm always about two years late in my taste, so I'm not the one to predict...

So funny!

Special Sauce

Aaaagh. You just HAD to bring up Kenny Loggins before I've even had coffee, didn't you. (At least that meant less for my stomach to force back out into the world at the sight of his scraggly, creepy beard.) Damn you, AJ! Damn youuuuuu!


funny. I think those hairstyles are in vogue right now, at least w/ the high schoolers in Cali. It's a new hairstyle for them, where for us, we've been seeing it too much! AND your friend, she really needs a new look... There are plenty of thrift shops that would either send her further into 80's land or it might bring her at least to the 90's! HELP HER!


Joanie may have loved Chaci but I doubt she would still love his mullet.

Personally, I don't know why chicks dig long hair on guys. Gay men seem to go the other way. The shorter-the butcher-the better.
Especially as people (both men and women) get older, long hair just makes you look older. Here's a tip from gay friends who are also "hair burners": Go shorter---go lighter---look younger.

When I hit 40 three years ago I buzzed mine. It was either sit in sack cloth and ashes and mourn my 30s or say "f*ck it" and bite the bullet and buzz it. Plus it had just become too much f*cking work for too little f*cking hair.

Personally, I like Kenny Loggins...that was one of the best concerts I went to in the 80s (up there with Culture Club--ok stone me now...or let me get stoned...either way, it was the 80s---a crazy time).

I think I have a friend like your comic friend who has the stonewashed/acidwashed jeans (please God, don't let that fad EVER come back). The outfit you described is EXACTLY her daily uniform! It must be a cultural thing or maybe some weird twisted DNA genetic memory thing where certain people gravitate to certain fashions faux pas. Of course, I also agree with Ellen Degeneres when she said "I don't know about you but I cannot wait for lowrise jeans to go OUT of style!"


I thought about growing a mullet myself once.

Business up front, party in the back.


I remember when goatees were really popular in the late 90's. I have crappy facial hair but I did try growing a moustache. BIG mistake. I've been clean-shaven ever since. I've had the same basic hairstyle ever since I got out of the military in the early 90's, though.


AJ - too funny!

Let's see - didn't Jon Bon Jovi wear that outfit in their videos? So that would have been 87 or 88, right???

Ah mullets - one or two of my favorite country singers had those up until just a couple of years ago. You would think that if they could get past that fashion mistake, then everyone else cuold too. Up here about 100 miles away in a little town called Redding we have dubbed it the 'Mullet Capital of the World.' I kid you not.

I liked guys with long hair back in the late 80's & early 90's. I don't think that guys should have long hair anymore. Just Say NO!! :-)


Great, now I'm going to be singing the "Danger Zone" song all day.

Also, if I was dating someone who told me I needed to change my hair style, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves and end things right then and there.


The catch with short hair is that you have to get it cut more often to keep it looking neat. The shorter, the more often usually.

As for clothes, there's always: What Not to Wear, but I would never subject someone to that for this reason (http://tallerthanaveragetales.blogspot.com/2005/04/what-not-to-tell-me.html) among others.


I've seen a few dudes around Los Feliz sporting the Skywalker. I've got to say, it's the saddest thing I've ever seen.

When I was in junior high and bellbottoms came back, I didn't understand why adults hated it so much.

But after having seeing things I remember (and disliked) having a comeback, I get it.

I blame American Apparel.

Magazine Man

Considering my hair has always conformed to one style--let's call it "the Ronald McDonald"--I'd be grateful for a Skywalker.

But it does look goofy on some folks.

And I too have tried the goatee, to distract from the visual spectacle that is the Ronald.

Maybe it's time to see a professional and get a new style. I'll have to mullet over.

(What? AJ, I can't help it. You bring out the worst puns in me)


I was re-introduced to late 80's fashion while I was an extra in RENT (comming to a theater near you in November). I wore my most high waisted jeans, but that wasn't good enough. I was forced to go to the Wardrobe trailer where they gave me genuine 1987 Vesace jeans. Ugg!! How were these ever cool!?

And then the makeup lady painted my eyelids with purple eyeshadow up to my eye brows and drew in thick dark eyebrows. She said I looked like Brooke Shields. I love Brooke Shields, but this was Brooke Shields as visualized during an acid trip. Ahh!! I went to the bathroom and rubbed it off, and toned it down a bit... After all Jesse Martin was present, it was more important to be hot than be genuine 1980s.


Most of my guy friends experiment with the facial hair (probably because they're thinning on top).

I believe what you said about guys wearing whatever hairstyle their girlfriend thinks is cute until they break up with her. I had a friend who wore his hair long forever because some chick told him he looked like Jesus.


Rarity-- How the HELL to you tell someone that?? No, no, no. I'm not volunteering for THAT suicide mission!

Sauce-- Something about Kenny Loggins that gets stuck in your head. Footloose, footloose... kick off your sunday shoes...

Jules-- Those styles are in?? Oh NO. Please don't tell me I have to grow a feathered mullet, I just CAN'T do it. I'd rather shave it all.

Lee-- These people walk amongst us every day. I mean, there's a reason why Member's Only keeps making those jackets: SOMEONE is buying them!

Darius-- Love that. Check out: http://www.ratemymullet.com/

Chuck-- Chuck, mustaches are a mistake. Everyone who wears one looks like a porn star. (Except my grandmother)

Jewels-- You were a rock chick! Ha! I *knew* it. ;-)

Arm-- Catch isn't? Craving a Top Gun viewing about now, myself...

Claire-- That post needs PICS!!

Helena-- Now that we are old, we understand. If if becomes cool to pinch-rolling my jeans, count me OUT. I'd rather not be cool.

MM-- I was feeling bad for you and your fro until you hit me with that pun. Now I think you got what you deserved. ;-)

FFF-- Again. Pics, please. Oh, my friend LOVES the high jeans. I swear the come right up to her neck.

Rabbit-- Jesus was a turn on for your friend? Well, sure no one is going to be better in the sack than the son of God, but come on... Jesus?! Sheesh...


70's hair seems to be the thing among teens and early 20 somethings. Makes me sad...So sad. Why that era keeps coming back is a mystery to me.

Jennifer Lankenau

Scrunchy socks. Couldn't keep the bastards from slouching into my shoes when I walked.

1988, btw.

And I was the champion hair-teaser of my generation. Although we were beyond the Aqua-Net years; we were Aussie Sprunch Spray and Salon Selectives (remember those? In the pink bottles; spelled like apples).

You don't wanna get me on nostalgia, my friend. My poor blog's been victim to it all week; my 30th approaching rapidly...

The Daily Ranter

Your friend's outfit is DEFINITELY late 1983, summer of 1984. I know this because it was also the summer of "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart. I remember that time vividly. My family owned a restaurant in the Catskills and I wore the big sweatshirt, leggings and scrunchy sock look too! That, and the "Flashdance" cut up sweatshirt. And as for the big hair....it's not only an 80's thing, it's a New York thing. We actually described girls as having "Lawn Giland Hair" (Long Island Hair). The bigger the better. Aquanet was the bomb! And although I don't wear it.....I secretly still LOVE big hair!!!


Okay, so you're not up for a direct confrontation. (Is any man ever up for that? - I have yet to meet a man who doesn't do ANYTHING to avoid a possible confrontation - esp. with a woman... anyway).

If you can't be straight about it, what you do is to drop subtle remarks about what you really like. And even venture a little: you know, I think you'd look just beatiful with you hair like that. It's not like you want to change her personality - (You can never, never do *that*)

OR at least make the best complements to whatever she wears that is a slight step in the right direction... You know AJ, all that BS stuff you guys do so well when you want something... ;o)

You never know - she might even thank you for turning her into a bomb shell again...


Rarity, at first I wasn't sure. But now I am convinced. You hate me and want to see me brutally hacked to pieces by a 40-year old woman with an 80s complex.

Why do *I* have to be the one to set her straight??

No way, sister. I'll send you her email addy and you can take care of it. Besides, confrontation is more of a female pastime. ;-)


DR-- She is from Lawn Giland. Wow.

Jennifer-- I can still smell that APPLY SMELL! It reminds me of PROM. (1990) Christine's (my 5'2" gf) hair was so tall that I'm fairly certain it brushed the ceiling of our white limo.

Special Sauce

Oh god, that apple scented hairspray- Rave did that too- I smell that, and (in my mind) I'm immediately am stuck back in the most evil girl's locker room this side of Carrie. Oh, the days of high hair and reapplying your frosted powder blue eyeshadow 17 times in an attempt to get that boy from the 8th grade pod to notice you....

I think I need to lie down.


Does this mean I should stop feathering my bangs like Farrah and throw that blue eye shadow away? I suppose I can't listen to my Boy George and WHAM *tapes* anymore either.

Thanks for the laugh AJ ... I'm going to go spoon with my parachute pants and Rubics Cube now.

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