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September 01, 2005


Jennifer Lankenau

You should file a lawsuit for emotional trauma and loss of quality of life. Some of those I could forgive, but ruining Planet of the Apes? That's on my top 10 favorite movies of all time! (The origina - not the bullshit one by Tim Burton). That's just wrong.


Jennifer-- re: POA, truer words have never been spoken.


Those are awful. It's a whole trend now though; movies trailers are just as bad. Yes, just show me the resolution in act 3, that's a good trailer. WTF?! I just want to see enough to know if I want to see something and nothing more. Just the hook please (though they can screw that up too). I rarely get to enjoy the lead-in of Act 1 anymore without already knowing several payoffs in advance. (Story predictability is a whole other problem.) GGrrrrr.


I love/hate Netflix too! One thing I've learned is don't look at the star rating. Some very good movies only have 2 stars. And the fee is a real bargain!


I loves my Netflix.

I've been a subscriber since the very beginning. I'm lucky - since I'm an oldster with them, I get four DVDs at a time for their low, low, lowest subscription price.

In their early days, Netflix even had some "tasteful" adult films in their collection. You may ask how I know this. (Say, Merujo, just how do you know about Netflix having skinflix?)

Well, I requested "Better Off Dead", one of John Cusack's 80's comedies. Strangely, I'd managed to make it through the 80's without ever seeing it. Imagine my surprise when, instead of "Better Off Dead", I received "Better Gay Sex", a gay porn film thinly veiled as a "relationship improvement documentary."

Of course, I watched it. It was hilarious. I called a friend and left him some of the audio track on his answering machine. Shame I didn't know he had family visiting from rural Iowa that week. They were not amused. (I was.) And Netflix no longer features "Better Gay Sex" as available for rental...

Tonight: watching Season 2 of Penn & Teller's Bullshit! courtesy of Netflix...


When I went to see Sixth Sense, the friend I was with *claimed* that he knew all along Bruce Willis was a ghost. I think he was full of crap and trying to prove how smart he was, although I know there are hints in the movie. Oh well. I think M. Night Shyamalan's movies have gone steadily downhill since that one...but it is a hard one to beat.


That's some farked up repugnant crap, there. (I'm PG-13 rated tonight.)

In a way I'm glad I use Comcast's On Demand. Handy little bugger, that. Especially DVR. I bow to all the gods of DVR.


Well, at least I understand The Usual Suspects now...


OMG! Are these spoilers for real? I agree, cussing is indeed called for: what the hell is going on in their heads?

But you know they do it in the TV guide constantly (especially good for ruining cliffhanger shows) and you can be sure the stupid announcer will tell you all you didn't want to hear in advance... I often MUTE, actually! I SO hate it!


I bow down to the Netflix God :-) Best damn thing since sliced bread, I tell ya....(we're not worthy, we're not worthy)

It is awful to have the spoilers on there - I grant you that one.

Thinking about Planet of the Apes reminded me about that show 'Land of the Lost' back in the day - anybody remember that one?? How cheesy was that show? Oh dang it, now I am remembering tons of 80's shows, will have to search the web now instead of work :-P

Magazine Man

I too have marveled at those blurbs and wonder who writes them. Cos some of them are just wrong. But to give away the plot on the sleeve!

Wonder what they say about Citizen Kane. "Rosebud is the damn sled"?!?

Liberty Valance is the best. Love the scene in the restaurant whether the Duke tells Valance to pick up his steak.


Claire-- movie are so much teh suck now that they have to show us the ONE GOOD PART to get our $10

Shevy-- I agree, the stars don't reflect the quality of the movie at all! Or possibly we both have terrible taste. :-\

Merujo-- I am frightened by your story, but can't help but wonder what other naughty movies are buried in the archives of Netflix... Hmmm...

Chuck-- I agree... M. Night will never be able to recapture that magic. And your friend, was totally lying.

Groonk-- What did we do without DVR or Tivo? What's a TV commercial? I don't know... haven't seen one in years. ;-)

Dariush-- Ooops! There be spoilers here!

Rarity-- The first one, "Valance", is real. The rest are exaggeration to prove a point.

Jewels-- I loved that show! Holly was hot... and the Sleestacks were the scariest things ever... http://www.landofthelost.com/slee.mp3

MM-- That is a GREAT scene. The Duke's swagger rarely gets better than that scene.



Very funny entry. However, even funnier when Gizoogled.

"They spoiled two movies wit that one. Funky Ass."

Love it.


bruce willis is a ghost?

david sutherland

thanks a lot you big jerk! you just gave away the man who shot liberty valance for me! HYPOCRITE!! (Sorry, but if the suit fits, ya gotta wear it!)

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