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October 24, 2005


Jennifer Lankenau

homestar woh-naah.

Brilliant. May have to carry your idea over to my house...think I'll do Pom.


My niece sent that to me the other day. She laughed herself silly over the phone as I watched it and then screamed something "age inappropriate" for her 13-year-old ears.

I will light candles (hey, I have one of those 500 tealight bags from IKEA) and think good thoughts for your possible hosting gigs. I would so dig being able to MST3K you on my 27" Sony.

OC Girl

I have seen this one before... yet I still expect it not to cause me to cry out, like it does... Every. Time.

Honestly though I did expect you to "Nerd Strike it Back" and have your smiling head adorning the creature... so I stayed... and watched... and startled myself...



I ALMOST SHIT MY PANTS ON THAT ONE!!!! I THINK I HAD A SEMI-CORONARY....THAT SCARED ME SOOO BAD.... I was sitting really close to the computer trying to be quiet in the wee hours of night and then the peaceful winding road gave way to a demon! Good one ya sneaky bastard!


For F---'s sake! (Pardon me!) My heart stopped and I was on my way to heaven - nearly...

*thump, thump* (my poor little ticker)

Mister Groonk

I caught I Love the 80s THREE D..D..D..D..(echo fades) last night.

What's it gonna take to get you on that gig? Tell Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks to kindly step aside for an hour or two and let the AJ-meister get some play.

And while you're there get me Rachel Harris' number. And Molly Culver's.

And what's with that pumpkin?

Break a leg with that writing flow.

The zombie made me laugh. The car was a wee bit scary.


Is that pumpkin carved into the monkey from The Powerpuff Girls? Mojo Jojo?


Loving the Homestar pumpkin! My son will now want to do his that way. He's made all kinds of Homestar shirts in Animal Crossing. There's something kind of cool seeing a Strong Bad shirt on the little animals...


I had to show my kid this morning and I laughed so hard at his 11 year old reaction that I had tears streaming down my face! Good one! I agree with the Vh1's 80's thing! HILARIOUS


Thanx, AJ ... I had just put these fresh underwear on.


Hope you get what you're interviewing for!


Umm...Your an ass! I jumped!


I watched the first 3 seconds and knew exactly what this was. My co-worker sent this to me a while ago, I watched it at work and almost screamed in my cubie. I hated her. I hated her bad.

Oddly enough, she's still alive to this day.


Did you celebrate the Samhain? I have this feeling you are very very unique. Of course I am psychic so it really is ok. Blessings to you. J

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