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October 28, 2005


OC girl


You get a woody, and I get "zxvljhdpufhbnwf"... life just isn't fair...


When I worked in Moscow, one of my jobs was processing refugees for immigration to the United States. We had to follow a particular set of rules for transliterating names from Cyrillic into English letters. I will never forget the day a man named Semyon came in with his extended family. In Russian, that "yo" in his name looks like an "e" with two dots over it. And, using the State Department transliteration system, the "yo" just becomes an "e." Poor Semyon became "Semen." Yeah. Not good.

But it good worse, for you see, Semen's last name was... (wait for it...) Penus. Oh yeah. Semen Penus. And his cousin who was also immigrating with his kids? Yura Snotman. When it was time for their INS interview, I had to go out and yell "SEMEN PENUS- YURA SNOTMAN?!? I NEED THE PENUS-SNOTMAN PARTY, PLEASE!"

I told the INS people that I felt they should give these dudes advance warning that their kids were gonna get their asses kicked in American school and that a name change might be wise...


I have been waiting to hear about you getting a good word verification. That's awesome.

Heh heh, he said Woodyz!!


In ref to Merujos comment, (I actually said this in 100 things about JAG post) I knew a girl named Latoya Lett when I was little (say it together) and her moms name was Charmin! NO JOKE!!!

I also had a customer named ANICE BUTT once.


The thought of you giggling makes me giggle.


A woman that used to go to my church was named Pix Butt. Her real name was Sylvia but she went by Pix because her nickname growing up was pixie since she was the youngest in her family. She was from Newfoundland, so that explains a lot of things.


I sound out and laugh at some of the word verifications too. Sometimes I feel the need to comment solely on that jumble of letters.

My sister went to school with a kid named Ben Dover. Some parents are evil.


Someone commenting on my blog said they had "ishit" which I found hilarious. I once had "uracock." I took that one personally though.


I've never gotten anything other than "ncxzzxdwktbgzxp" or something like that in the word-verification thing (which, incidentally, doesn't stop all the spam).


OCG-- I'll take a woody whenever I can get it.

Merujo-- OMG! How embarassing when you're waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory to hear your name on the loudspeaker.

Jax-- You're such a child. Like me.

Helena-- And the thought of you giggling at my giggling has got me giggling.

Chris-- No one told her that PIX BUTT is awful? What? Newfies don't pick their butt?

Rabbit-- I sound them out because it helps me type it. But sometimes I can help but laugh at "nystets"

Lizzie-- uracock???? Aweome.

PA-- When you have borderline OCD, like me, you try and find order in the chaos.


but at least you can read that one... i always get the jumble of letters with the squiggly lines across it that just piss me off...

oh, and i met a girl from an affluent family named "crystal shanda leer"... i made her whip out her drivers license to prove it... she joked she was looking for a guy with the last name of "jet"... i damn near considered changing mine to make her dream come true... jay jet... ha..!

a girl from guam

I have this fascination with word verifications. My blogger friends know this about me. I get a warped high from these things. Yes, I have my weaknesses, and word veris are it....


When I briefly lived in Chattanooga I daily passed a spot for a realtor/title company and the guy's name was RENDER M. CASH....... hysterical. What were his parents thinking? J


I lament having to activate the word verification feature, but the spammers were getting too obnoxious and I got sick of checking my blog only to find 10 spam comments!


I thought I was the only one who felt compelled so sound out those word jumbles. I see that I am not the lone Hooked on Phonics addict.


The woody comment is so funny


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