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October 25, 2005


Special Sauce

AJ, Si-ih-rent Night?

You just made my week.
I'm going to go lie down now. That was fabulous.


LOOK OUT!! She's behind you! She wants your sours!


Sauce-- Sirent night. Whorey night?

Stacy-- She can have them when she prys them from my COLD DEAD HAND!

Special Sauce

*every* night is a whorey night, my friend...

Honestly, I bow before your skillz. Acting, product placement, and sheer avoidance of being "that guy". I am in awe.

Mister Groonk

You know, the last time I left my apt in a huff cause my upstairs neighbors were re-enacting "Hippos Go Berserk" for three hours straight I got to see the last Star Wars flick on opening night without having to be a total geek and wait outside in line for 3 weeks beforehand to get an opening night ticket.

You got a vlog post and a can of beer.

You win.


I waited almost impatiently for that Korean woman as per your picture above. But no Korean woman. Damn you, AJ.

I always feel guilty when I go into a store intending to buy just one item. So once I went to buy a bottle of water...and lip balm, a bag of Reese's, gum.. I'm the worst, and best, customer.


I have those icebreakers sours on my desk as I type, I stole them from Blue (don't tell him)


I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta try the vlog thing but I don't know how to post it to my site.


Sauce-- I am "that guy" with so many other things though.

Groonk-- Lessons learned, my friend. Lessons learned.

Min-- She's there. Go back and look REALLLLLLy closely.

Heather-- I'm telling him unless you send me some.

Jags-- Cowgirl up and figure it out!


You should totally try that mullet/cap look! Grrrr... that's Hot!


be careful of those sour icebreaker thingies - if you eat to many of them the citric acid will give you canker sores.

just FYI.

OC Girl


Hello?!? I am ALWAYS willing to help a friend in need... you could have SO called me to take those other 5 beers off your hands...

Just sayin'



You are so goin' to hell.

And you know what?

A bunch of Asians are going to be running it.

Enjoy your chopstick-free eye sockets while you can.


AJ, your vlogs are the best! You seriously need to make more, to fill our gaping vlogholes.


You are absolutely hilarious!
I often do the same thing when I go to stores for one embarrassing item. That's how I wind up with issues of Glamour Magazine, a tube of lip gloss, and Summer's Eve in one shopping bag.
But someday, when I have enough money to throw away on things like my own amusement, I'd like to go to great lengths to see just how much shock a seasoned cashier can take. You know? Just to see the expression when I drop a box of condoms, a plumber's snake, and a $4.00 hamster on that check-out belt. TeeHeeHee


You do realize that my favourite scene in that funny thing called Team America is when Kim Young Il does his moving little song: "I'm so ronery" - "poor ritter ronery, ronery ord me..." And he wants to be taken "serirousry"... I'm in tears every time I watch that paritcular scene...

Aynway - funny Vlog! I think you should just settle for saying vlog, much the same way you say blog - The Spanish wont even hear the difference... that's kinda funny!


Great vlog! I nearly missed the tail end by clicking prematurely. Love the cartoon...


This I have got to hear. Heck, I may actually turn my speakers on for a change...


Bitchin' shades, dude.


Danielle-- I'm proud to say I've never sported the mullet. I've had bad hair over the years, but never a mullet.

Heather-- I did not know that.

OCG-- I totally forgot! I could have bought a CASE of beer.

Helena-- Oh because all asians eat with chopsticks, right?

KJ-- "Gaping vlogholes" scared me.

Kerrie-- HAHA! That is a GREAT idea!

Rarity-- I love that song! It is featured quite frequently on eggradio.com

Amb-- Hee hee... surprise!

Circe-- You do me a great honor.

Arm-- Hey, for $3 you could have a pair just like 'em.




If you've got money to buy extra stuff just to make yourself look good ... you've got too much. Now, buy ME a Can-O-Beer, dammit! And wrap it in a brown paper sleeve. I AM "that gal".


Your singing gave me chills up and down my spine. It was inspirational. You're THAT GOOD. You and the Korean woman need to form a duet. Drink the beer first, though.


I wonder who will be the first vblogger to get into an accident while recording his or her latest entry.

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