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October 27, 2005


jennifer Lankenau

Damn. I won't be 30 for another 14 days 12 hours and 29 minutes.

I was so close to getting it!

I probably have that on my emulator. I'll hafta go check that out now.


AJ, you got to send this link to Wil. Of course, he probably checks your blog regularly already, since we know he has good taste.


One word:

Teh. Awesome.


Holy Chinaman! You're a regular Crappantino!

I can't wait to se Mr. Do go through the training and stuff! Please - please -please let part two include something with a coffin oh, and a sore eye, and...

Sheeehh, I'm hyper ventilating here...


I didn't know what love was, until this moment.


Did you direct that crappyvision. It was rad!


I won't say how much older than 30 I am. (Too much.) But, that was truly inspired. I've been handing out the URL to that page like, well, candy...


You make me lust after you more every day


You are a god...


Well I'm younger than 30 and I still got it; looks like you've got some Rampage and some Paperboy in there, very nice. I haven't played Mr. Do in years, but I remember dropping my entire allowance at the arcade playing it when I was a kid.


That was...

Wicked Sweet.


Can you do Pong?


Jenn-- Do you have MAME? That's hot if you do. I've got the Mr. Do ROM for it, if you need.

Chuck-- He writes about a lot of the games in that crappymation.

Wil-- Speak of the writer and the writer appears.

Rarity-- Vol. 2 is much harder. I might have to outsource some of that animation to India.

Herena-- HERENA?? Hahahaha!!!

Jags-- I directed it. It's based on characters written by "Q&U"

BMC-- A nerd of your quality and caliber would certainly get all the references in this.

Heather-- That's my plan...

Melissa-- Nah. Just a guy who's Flash skills need improving.

Arm-- Yes! Rampage and Paperboy...

Ambeart-- Rad.

Neil-- That's more like it. YES, I can definitely do pong.


Dude, I'm on the edge of my seat for Vol. 2. This totally made my day. How 'bout some Loderunner? And Pong (because it was my first).


That was...like...better than chocolate. Can you get Frogger into Volume 2? Because I loooooove Frogger.


Claire-- I loved Loderunner...

Jill-- Frogger was actually in an earlier version of this! Poor bastard...

Mister Groonk

... there weren't really eighty-eight of them. They just called themselves "The Crazy 88."


I don't know. I guess they thought it sounded cool.

jennifer Lankenau

Checking on the status of "MAME". Status will be reported in approximately 1500 hours.

Over and out.

jennifer Lankenau

Ah. did a search for MAME and realized it was an emulator.
Mine is an XBox console emulator.
I have Mr Do.
I have pretty much every damn video game known to man since 1970.
It's good for my days off.
(and I meant AT 1500 hours not IN 1500 hours. I'm a dolt.)


You had me at "Death of Enemy 2." Goin' all Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman in the marketplace an' shit. Beautiful.

At the end of a craptacular day, you never fail to disappoint (and you make me laugh a deep, evil, hearty chuckle.) Where do I get my "AJ: One sick, magnificent bastard" t-shirt?

Magazine Man

I loved the "three dots" dialogue best.

But then, I would...

AJ, your kung fu is the best.


Groonk-- 4w3s0/\/\3

Jennifer-- I emailed you the Mr. Do ROM.

Merujo-- If you make that t-shirt, I'll buy TWO. ;-)

MM-- It sure beats WRITING. Writing seems... hard.


You should never ask for these things. They will appear. Click on the pics to get a screen where you can zoom in on the sheer magnificence of my 5 minutes of grueling work.

Here is your totally gay 80's Miami Vice/Members Only t-shirt: http://customink.com/cink/r.jsp?E=merujo%40gmail.com&F=clubaj

And here is your swanky hipster b&w t-shirt (certified less gay): http://customink.com/cink/r.jsp?E=merujo%40gmail.com&F=starkaj


That was friggin' awesome! I can't wait for Mr. Do 2. Amazing how he never lets go of that rubber ball...

And: "Let's do this. Like Brutus." You're funny. :)


damn that makes me miss my old colecovision..! oh, yea, i'm older than 30... though this came to mind for the "make me a sword" scene:

freakin' funny... can't wait for part 2..!

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