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October 19, 2005



I didn't think you could be any funnier but the video just bumped things up a notch or so!!! (I can only say that since I did not fall into any of the offended groupings.)


I am even more in lust with you now.
Lack of weather is one of the main reasons I hated living in SoCal.
And I have a "nice rack" and I'm glad you appreciate it ;)


AJ, that was funny... Can I use your type of video blogging idea's in my own blog? I already have a picture of myself driving... I would just need to capture it on video.

Cheers to you, and thanks for not mentioning anything about Native Americans (Or Indians if you will) or Eskimoians (Or Alaskaians if you don't will).

Poor homeless people... it's not enough that they are homeless; but then they have to get hassled by the "Man", and then made fun of on the video blog about being hassled by the "Man".


soooo hilarious! You must do more! especially while driving...what kind of cam do you use?


Jax-- I'm glad you liked it. I make fun of EVERYONE (including myself). I'll get to you eventually.

Heather-- Yes, your rack is to be envied for sure. Purr.

Michael-- I'm not even sure I had any "ideas" there, but help yourself. I stole Shane's idea of blogging while driving.

Jules-- That's a little Canon Powershot. It's not really for taking video but I didn't want to mount a whole freaking camcorder on my dashboard!

Special Sauce

AJ. I think I need to step up my stalking efforts. Well played! Well played indeed.

Now can you just turn a little to the left? Thanks...


I wasn't offended by your vee-logging...Was I? No, No I was not. You talk more to yourself in your car than I do...that's hard to do!


I'm going to have to figure out how you posted that Vlog and try it myself. I have the same camera. I sware I know you!!! I doubt my vlog will be as funny as yours but it really adds that personal touch! MORE MORE MORE!!! Your audience awaits!!!


Sauce-- Stalkers that put out are welcome. Stalk away.

Stacy-- I'm glad you weren't offended. I'm really just a goof and not all that hateful. I just happen to believe that stereotypes are funny. And, well, there's a reason why a Chinese dude has never won the Indy 500, isn't there?

Jax-- After taking the video with my camera, I downloaded it to my computer. I then used Quicktime Pro to convert the .AVI video into a .MOV file and I used Windows Movie Maker to convert it into an .WMV file. Done!


I am so proud to call you my blogfriend.




That was a moving experience. I especially liked your "mobile cam" efforts on our behalf so we could share in the wonder of Chinless Woman and COPS!: Busting the Homeless edition.

If only you and your mighty camera could have been here tonight to immortalize the dumb-ass drug deal I witnessed. (It's probably a good thing I don't have a video camera of any sort - I'd probably get my ass killed.)

Carry on.



I swear that's every conversation I've ever had with 7d when I catch him in his car.

And we get hella more un-PC than that.

That's how we roll.

I look forward to more un-PC AJ.


AJ, your talent for bigotry continues to amaze me! Since the very first entry I read when I came here (The Chinese Shuffle), you have continually honed this gift.

I am almost proud.

I still wouldn't want to be standing too close to you in public at any given time, because I try not to have beef with those thuggish ethnics. They carry switchblades and such. I know, I saw West Side Story.


Ha ha I enjoyed that, bigotry and all, and my heart skipped a beat when you said Norwegian (WHAT!? - I'm NOT self centered!) Just let me know if there is ever a shortage of norseys over there, and I'll save up for a ticket, pronto...

And so, now I have two in-a-moving-car-Vlogs to keep track of, and I'm certainly NOT complaining! Keep it up you funny, funny guy!


Dude, did you post an airbrushed headshot of yourself and then a real one of you all fat? Stick with the fake one and I say that in a totally heterossexual friend way.


Sorry, wasn't brave enough to click the link, since I'm a fan of SKA.


More, more, more...And I say this as a large breasted woman. Sadly, time children and gravity have made my "nice rack" more of a bumper system. At least my knees are protected...

ms. sizzle

that was hilarious! i might have to watch it again later for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

i think, next time, you can do better at the misogyny. i mean, you were like, complimenting her.

;) siz


Dariush-- The feeling is mutual, my friend.

FFF-- I'll be humping the shark any day now. Don't worry.

Merujo-- I heard your post! That was crazy.

Groonk-- I knew there was a reason I liked you and 7d so much.

Helena-- Bigotry is my oil and this blog is my canvas.

Rarity-- It's always about YOU YOU YOU! Even though you're so self-centered, you're still my favorite Norwegian.

Lightsplashed-- If you think I look fat, you must like your dudes to be reallllly skinny.

Arm-- You're probably better off for NOT clicking it.

Ambeart-- At first I thought you meant "time children and gravity", but I think you meant "time, children and gravity". But Time Children sound like really cool children who are maybe genetically mutated and can manipulate Space-Time with the use of Gravity. That would be sweet.

Sizzle-- I'll have to work on it. While it feels fine to spew my hate within the private confines of my vehicle, I am reluctant to shout it from window!


I love that on the way back from getting your drivers licence you made a video from your car. I don't know how strict traffic laws are in LA, but here its illegal to use a cell phone while driving, so I'd imagine that vlogging is out too.


Well you know...Stereotypes DO come from somewhere!


Here I was.. Worried about disturbing my diligently working co-workers while I watched your 'vlog' debut. But I should've been more worried about how loud I was going to quietly laugh during it.

You are one damn funny cracka! (So true about the lack of white people at the DMV..so true..)

And I was almost spared as an Asian American. But dammit, me and my large breasts..


KJ-- I think you're right, Vlogging is probably out. Ah well. It wasn't on the written exam, so I don't want to know about it.

Stacy-- I know! Am I racist because I talk about the mexican guy selling oranges at a traffic light? NO. I don't dislike him. In fact, I find his oranges sweet and juicy. I just happen to point out that he is ALWAYS there.

Min-- Yes, Damn you and those large breasts! Oh sorry, I was just typing to your cleavage instead of to your face. I'm such a boy!

AND: Everyone should click over to Min's site and read the hilarious comic that she has posted today.


The ending made the whole thing. Very nice.

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