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October 18, 2005


Special Sauce

A photo of Tesla? Ye Gods!

The inventor of radio gets me all hot and bothered. Look at him being all coy and "come hither and see my Wardenclyffe etchings little girl..."

We (Ok, I) demand more pictures of hot 1890s inventors. (What, you thought I meant the crappy band?)


"Another routine from Exercise Girl. The Sticky Finger -- This is done by jogging in place and rapidly flinging your hands down as if you've got a piece of gum stuck to one of your fingers. I Swear. To. Effing. God."

That sounds just about right for those among us who (like me) are middle-aged and increasingly creaky. Minus the running in place, of course. Other suitable Exercises for the Creaky: repeatedly opening and closing a pizza box; 100 reps simulating the opening of a twist-off beer cap; moving your hands apart quickly, as if ripping open the top of a bag of Tostitos; repeatedly opening and closing the door of your SUV.


Ah, the "flashback clip show," the journalistic equivalent of waving a white flag in the air and saying "I surrender! I feel as though I have to put something down but I have nothing to say!"


Maybe AJ is determined to post SOMETHING just so he can read all the freaken hilarious comments you people leave.


Yes, AJ, I read your blog partly for the comments. So sue me.


Wil Wheaton is so friggin cute!


that is one BEAUTIFUL foot...and did you see that ass? mmmm, to die for.

Jennifer Lankenau

your head a-splode.

Nice SB reference.


was the bulbous-toed pic taken from a prison?? is someone in jail reading your blog and sending you foot-fetish fan mail?? i can't decide whether that's scary, or freaking awesome.


It's not a crappy-mation thing, but for some reason when I read that, I thought of this: http://www.ps260.com/molly/SHINING%20FINAL.mov

You should watch it - hilarious.

always write

That is the most disturbing thing I've seen in a while. You totally made my day :)


The Sticky Finger = LOL

Call me a freak but I'd like more words. Don't get me wrong. A little animated funny works for me too. I guess the current word to animation mix works fine for me. But I'm a freak like that.

THAT'S what the Bugaloos looked like?! Kids watched that? Gods, that ain't right.

Am I crazy or is the whole Tesla theme flying high above my head?

You put things in Dennis Hopper? That just ain't sanitary.


Being a fabulous blog star is a lot of work, huh, sweetie? Why don't you just kick back and hand us all your readers?
:) MW


Sauce-- You've got a good eye.

BMC-- Ha! Brilliant. You should make a video!

Arm-- Not like YOU'D know. You've got consistently great material.

Rabbit-- I do love the comments here (and the people who make them).

FFF-- Yeah, he's a peach.

Meme-- To die for? No. To be wounded for. Maybe.

Jennifer-- I think we're going to havvvvvve toooo jummmmmmmp.

Alice-- I think it is a prison shot. Pretty cool, huh?

Sandra-- I LOVED that! Awesome. Thx.

AW-- Yes, that was good stuff.

Groonk-- I'm with you. Words with occasional goodies.

MW-- You folks are doing just fine over there. :-)


You said Sticky Finger.


You *like* the rain? I was just in Los Angeles on business. The weather was PERFECT during the first few days and then came the rain.

I kept thinking, "I can get this weather anytime in New York. Where'd the sun go?!"

ALSO, for whatever reason, LA drivers are terrified of the rain. Traffic on the freeways was sheer hell! No one wanted to drive more than 20 - 30 MPH.


I'm so glad you gave me the insight to click your links. All this time I have been taking them for granted. Oh the things I have missed. Thank goodness for archives.

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