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October 09, 2005



whoa. what the hell?


I swear to god, I didn't even realize that was me when I first saw it.
HAhahaha. Awesome.


that is the funniest thing! I have a Kindergartner and they have changed the letter people song. I never knew that was you!!! Wow!!! Can I have your autograph!!!

You have more time on your hands than I do!!! You're my hero!!!


That's 15 seconds of my life that I can never have back.

But at least it was entertaining.

And maybe even a little cool.


Shane-- I had a feeling we'd act together at some point.

Jax-- Too much time on my hands today is right.

D-- I think it's 18 seconds actually. I owe ya three.


What the muther-f was that? I'm laughing my ass off, yet I do not know of this letter people thing. Am I too old to know it? (Probably.)

Being a big fan of the "Bud Light Making Faces" website, I dig your fine, fine work on this. Very "Clutch Cargo."(Note: I actually posted a "Making Faces" link in the comments on Nickerblog with Shane's daughter sending him an animated, talking message from the future. No return comment - I probably gained myself "Total Freaking Weirdo To Be Avoided" status with him, thanks to that.)


:: shakes head in pity ::


*blinking eyes*

my chin just plopped into my hot cup of coffe below - I can't get it up again...

I'll be screaming soon...




Mister Groonk

great maker!

what was that?!?

Special Sauce

Is it really wrong that before this clip even loaded, I started singing the theme song? I looooooooved that show as a kid. And this? Absolutely awesome! Thanks AJ!


That was cool.


To all commenters who enjoyed that weirdness: You are nerds.

To all commenters who DIDN'T enjoy that weirdness: You wish you were.



I thought that was kind of nerdy yet cool, but I only wish I enjoyed the weirdness.


That was very funny. I enjoyed it - does that make we weird? If so, then I guess I am!


Am I not old enough to get this? I am jealous. Yet somewhat comforted by my relative youth, if that is the case. Ah, relative youth.


kudos to you, AJ, for making the very strange, cool.

always write

Personally I found it hypnotic and a little scary, like the 'toons at www.rathergood.com. But I've never heard that song before. Is it a West Coast thing?


I think I'm still in shock. I can't stop hitting "play"--it's like when you grab an electric fence.


See for yourself:


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