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December 08, 2005


Washington Cube

I'm guilty of doing a "too busy to post" caveat on my blog. The crunch is on, for me as well, and I'm trying to get through a lot to enjoy the holidays a little bit more.


Man, yet again one of AJ's posts is my fault. Last time he was sad and reflective (while Urban Ninjas and Sheep went to it in the b.g.), but this time I totally stole him away from his readers, from you.

But, you will soon forgive me. I promise.

(True story.)


A senator from Wisconsin and the governor of Utah walk into a bar. Oh wait, never mind, the governor of Utah, yeah right.


I hate it when people post about not having posted in a while.


I miss you darling :)


I'm leaving this comment to let you know that I'm not going to be commenting today.


Where in the world IS Carmen San Diego?


Hmm, I've heard this "coming soon" bit before. Any time frame more specific you could offer? No deadlines... just throw me a bone with no sooner than...

jennifer Lankenau

December seems to be rough on blogging. I was so lazy last week I posted the entire script (cut and paste of course) of the Constitutional Peasant scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I think it would have been less pathetic if I had posted nothing.


Yes, AJ, please do tell us what kind of timeframe we're talking about when you say "soon." I need to know how long I have to subscribe to DSL service.

Pauly D

This project sound extremely intriguing.

Does it involve free food?


Hey Aj. 'sup? You been getting any sleep lately?? :)


AJ,where's the punch line?


AJ, if in your new endeavor, you just happen go out drinking and driving with a rather rotund senator from Massachusetts, always bring a life jacket!


I think posting about not posting is better than falling off the face of the earth (which translates into anything more then 5 days in the "blogosphere" (I know how much you love that word)) Don't you love when you can parenthesize inside a parenthesis????

Well, anyway, glad to hear you haven't forgotten us AJ! I was missin me some AJ so I started reading your archives. Am I sad or do I just have good taste? You be the judge :)


anything more then 5 days in the "blogosphere"

People forget so quickly.


What are you waiting for AJ? CHRISTMAS?

Sorry. Had to.


Patiently waiting for your next moment of brilliance.


aah com'on Aj. You can't leave us in suspens like that. Evil man.


Are you becoming a Washington intern?


So, AJ is working on a JSto project? An animated clip from her upcoming book? Sounds sweet!


yeah, I hate when people post about how they haven't been posting. Oh, wait. I just did that the other day. nevermind.


Congrats on your new projects. Keep us in the loop ok?

Star Effer

23 comments (24 counting mine) on a post that is the blogging equivalent of "Pardon Our Dust"!?!
We're like ravenous Star Wars fans. Soon we'll be going to Countingdown.com or AICN to read "leaks" about your upcoming posts.

You have us eating out of the palm of your hand sir. That's awesome.


Did you delete a couple posts AJ?

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