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December 15, 2005


John Doom

But AJ, I already own it! It's signed an' everything... Maybe not in purple ink, but it's still signed all awesome-like!


Wow, I want to be her friend.

I mean, I want to be your friend, too. But I think we've already become virtual friends, no?

I'm off to befriend her. Thanks for the intro, AJ.


Wow, you need some new books to read. I will be happy to let you borrow my copy of His Breath on My Bosom.


Maybe I will, you bastard! >:(


Well if you're going to be bossy about it...! (I'll do it)


Ok, I'm totally having email issues the past two days. Friday night I eventually went to bed. And I wasn't waiting for you to give in, but it's good to know you're so easy! ;) Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that... AJ, I was totally holding out. Forget I even left this comment.


Hope you are having a nice time, and that you are staying warm and mobile!

Pauly D

It's amazing -- it looks almost MORE professional than those other poor books next to it.


AJ you are a nerd. I may have to now. What the hell is it about. Oh let me go check. Asinine question isn't it?


Have you read the Pompeii book yet? I've had it on my Amazon list for a while but haven't taken the plunge yet.


Meryddian-- Haven't checked it out yet! I'll let you know...

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