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December 24, 2005



Hilarious. Thanks for the christmas cheer. Hope you have some muy fabulosa holidays.


You are so swimming with the fishes, AJ!!!!

Mister Groonk

wait a minute..is that?

it can't be.

no..wait. it is!

that's my model of KITT that i made back in the 80s and won first place in the arts and crafts show with?

how the heck did you get ahold of that?!

heh. thanks for the laugh, aj. i needed that bit of funny.

happy christmas to all!(who still like christmas anyway.)


Watch out AJ... Annie sounds like she means business! But, on a more impostant note, can I have one of your cannolis?

special sauce


The smirk does it for me every time. Bring on the margaritas and the hot Wil on Shane action...
Well done, AJ. Well done.


You're, like, Terry Gilliam's fucked-up blogger nephew. (That's a compliment, by the way. I realize it might not quite sound that way, but it is. Honest. A compliment. Nice and everything.)

Uhhhh... I think I should stop now.

The continuous whooshing sound from KITT is strangely calming, btw. Like some new-age, white noise fetal ultrasound.


OMFG! This too funny dude! I actually spit guinness out my nose on it...i'm sending you a bill for that lost guinness. Great job!


I've thought of Wil as the "blogfather" myself, although evidently someone else has that title right now...but I can't blame you at all for helping when a powerful blog duo like Wil and Shane asks for your help. The end results is rather hilarious.


I'm sending you a new hat for Christmas.


Mel-- Same to you! Muah!

Annie-- Bring it, sista.

Groonk-- Do you still have that model?? That's pretty damn hawesom3.

Danielle-- I NEVER share my cannolis, but for you...

Sauce-- Hot Wil on Shane action? You should have seen the rough cut of this one.

Merujo-- Terry Gilliam is my hero! I agree about the KITT sound. It is relaxing.

Tim-- No! Not the Guinness! Glad you dug it.

Chuck-- The genius was Shane's. I was merely an instrument of hilarity.

Nic-- A BIGGER one?


Love it, AJ. And am totally looking forward to reading more of the shit-talking war (which, for the record, I think Annie is currently winning) when Shane gets back from his hiatus.


Hmm. Even with your groovy flash skills (it's flash, right?), I think you may have joined the losing side of this war. Only time will tell. Still, it's good of you to help out W&S when they've been getting so thoroughly creamed.


I've said it before and I'll say it again...

You are my hero.

But what the heck does "elbow and send" mean?


AJ enters the fray. Annie didn't stand a chance. I don't know which I enjoyed more, W&S or Mariachi AJ. I'll take a margarita, please. The holidays are a b...


It just goes to show... you really are a god. Can't wait to see what Annie does to you though, because that's gonna be damn funny. I see a chalk outline in your future.


Sandra-- You might be right. Feuding w/ Annie might be a bit out of my league.

Claire-- They have been getting creamed. But now we've got to turn the tide. This will be the great battle of our age.

Dariush-- Elbow and what now?

Ambeart-- HAHAHAHA... a b-lessing indeed.

Melissa-- I know... I've already started working on my will.

OC Girl

It's nice that Wil and Shane have finally been able to call in for some back up. They needed it.

Truly Brilliant.


Omg, this was too funny!!! Because of this i had to actually sign up with typepad just to tell you how funny you are.

I know, I'm such a geek. -lol-


Fantastic--it's possible that I may have cried from not-laughing at work. Also, I'd like to see that rough cut...


Wow! That was worth the waiting. Trully funny stuff and I have to give you praise for your line: "I left the gun. I took the cannolis"...maybe it's just me but that was a wonderful line, full of innuendo...hummm.

Shrinking Violet

You are a Man among boys. You are a god! Long live AJ!


OCG-- Those two don't need me for anything. But I was happy to lend a hand.

Jennifer-- Welcome to the Dork Side.

Heather-- Stay tuned... it's coming.

Dora-- Full of innuendo, yes. And from The Godfather. ;-)

Violet-- w00t! I'm an adolescent among boys!


Funny, brilliantly funny. Hmm, things are about to get very interesting, of course. BEST. GUNFIGHT. EVER! (Annie's Fredo?)


Man, this war is the funniest thing EVAR on any and all of the Internets. Your contribution, AJ, is quite a shot and is bound to damage Annie's shields to about 30%. Thanks for the laughs!


That was...well, you know.

I was already cracking up waiting for it...that long, torturous beat...waaaaaaaaaaiting for it...and, folding table. That shit made me laugh so loud that the elephant-man upstairs started stomping around in protest.

It's official; I love you all over again.

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