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December 10, 2005



Well, AJ, to me...it sounds like you refused to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Star Effer

Throw a Bush/Cheney sticker on his Chrysler and register his mailing address with every Right Wing organization you can find. Then, when you see him rifling through his Republican junk mail, glance over and with more than a hint of disdain say "Hypocrite."


Chuck-- He's smart enough. Just misguided and a tad insular.

SE-- Brilliant. Done and DONE.


I wouldn't vandalize anything, just beat him at his game.
Post a sign next to his car with detailed facts about how much gas it uses and emissions it has, compared with everything else he's ranting about.

special sauce

Invite him for dinner. Wear leather pants, a fur shirt, and serve Turducken. Watch him start weeping like a small girl after he takes a few bites and loves it. Be sure to post the video on the internet. Mirth will ensue.


I laughed when I clicked on the Steely Dan linky. The first thing I saw was "Everything Must Go." Like, your neighbor, perhaps?


That crack about Jerry Garcia is priceless. Since his death, his name has made his widow richer than his music ever did. Hell, there's a line of (cheaply made) neckties with his "art" on them! As if he ever wore ties! The older I get, the more convinced I am that "Hippy" is short for "Hypocrite."


suggestion #1 up there with the mailing IS brilliant- DO IT
and next time you see him in his car, scoff at how people like him should be riding bikes, we only have one earth AND one body- (I picture him with a big belly)


i love the idea of the mailing list!!! Do it! do it do it! (chanting like a cheerleader)

Cissa Fireheart

AJ, you need to definitely do the mailing list thing. I would confront him about the other points others have brought up - his gas guzzler vs. a bike, wehre he lives vs. his hate of corporate america, etc. but you need to do it in a VERY public place. like the court yard, so EVERYONE can hear you point out his bad points.

Also in the same conversation, then definitely point out the fact that his hippy ways causes him to stink bad and he needs a shower because he's a health hazard and can draw disease to your building and everyone else who lives there.

then say "It's called loving your fellow man, dude....killing them with diseases contracted because you won't wash is NOT loving your fellow man. It's just as bad as Corporate America...." and walk away, making him wonder what the hell you meant, and probably visibly sniffing himself. Maybe all the patchouli he slathers on will knock him out cold if he inhales enough in one whiff.


Arrogant without justification. Patronizing cocknocker. Call the Jehovas Witness people as well as the Mormons. He'll have more Watchtower pamphlets than he can smoke.

btw, yay! you're back!


Besides registering him for all that Republican junk mail, put him on the mailing lists for local taxidermy schools.

Oh, and every time you see him leave his place, blast the theme song to Captain Planet out the window.

Shrinking Violet


There is a bumper sticker out there that you need. It says:

"I love animals...they are delicious"!!!!

GET IT!!!1


Unsom-- It's hard to live anywhere in the US and be ANTI-Corporate.

Sauce-- I dig the leather pants idea. Hell, I own a pair. (Ssshh) But FUR SHIRT? Sounds itchy. Mmmm... Turnducken made my mouth water.

Ambeart-- Check out www.die.steely.dan.die.die.die.com

JJ-- "Hippy short for Hypocrite" is awesome. Stealing it.

Mona-- He DOES have a big belly. How do veg-heads gain weight? Potato chips? Tofu sundaes? I don't get it.

Jules-- I'm doing just because it's fun to picture you holding pom-poms.

Cissa-- I wonder if I could get an actor friend of mine to wear a black suit and pose as a Department of Health official. That might be funny...

Melissa-- Oh no, turn him over to the MORMONS? I don't think I have that much hate for ANYBODY.

Rabbit-- Hahaha. Captain Planet, awesome. Taxidermy SCHOOL?? Is there such a thing? I thought that was a "trade" that was handed down from generation to creepy generation.

Violet-- Candle light vigils, peace rallies, sit-ins... this guy does all that stuff. I say, "Do what your parents did and get a job, sir!"


I dunno, AJ. He doesn't sound worth the trouble. At least wait until after xmas to piss him off... Santa might be watching.


Well Special Sauce stole my idea. But seriously...what a loser. I don't think these self-proclaimed tree-huggers really stand for anything. The pot has slowly worn away at their brain cells, which is cleverly disguised as pacifism. *shakes head* How irritating. Good for you for standing up for yourself!


I think you're quite humorous, but you appear to be as judgemental regarding the hippie guy's choices as he seems to be about yours. And I like Steely Dan, Mmmm-kay?


Claire-- You're RIGHT. Santa, the cheeky bastard! I'll hold off until after I get my new bike.

Sassafras-- Thank you but I don't feel quite that bad ass... Ok, a little.

wordgirl-- Yes, I'm judgemental, too. Most of us are. But what makes me different is I never, EVER impose my views on others. I NEVER make assumptions about what your beliefs are and I always have an open mind to what anyone has to say. And, Steely Dan still sucks. But only because my college suite mate played them non-stop for two straight years.


If hippie guy imposed his views on you without provocation, then he is--without a doubt--wrong for doing so. A situation like that is particularly vexing, and I think I understand how you must feel. Here in the Red-Ass State of Texas, failure to sport a "W" sticker on everything you own could mean having your vehicle "keyed", getting the shit beaten out of your innocent curbside mailbox or having a helpful relative report you as a Communist sympathizer.

For me, the album was The Doobie Brothers' "Minute by Minute". It was my album. My roommate played it ad nauseum. Then she stole it upon moving out. I later replaced it, but it's the one album of the DBs I have a hard time listening to.

I may like Steely Dan, but I like your site as well. What could that mean?

Vecordious One

Hey, A.J.

Surfed in off of "Merujo's" site...


Well done, man. I couldn't have said better myself.

I live in the epitome of "Hippie-Ville". Patchouli Nirvana, even.

Here it's spelled H-I-P-P-I-E, not "Hippy", don't ask me why, because I do not know.

They can be amazing hypocrites, aren't they???

Call it "self-actualization" taken to the point of selfishness... yes, selfishness.

All that I do know, is that late in life all Hippies migrate to the Pacific Northwest... the farther north the better.

So, I live among them, kind of a "Gorilla's In The Midst" existance, if you know what I mean.

I know that America in general blasts the "Right Wingers", I totally understand why, but they should try living amongst the far, far LEFT.

Truly, it gets "ugly" when the pendulum swings the other way. I, myself am apolitical, and think they will all kill each other someday... but whatever.

The problem with Hippies is their judgementalism is projected "outwardly" rather than "inwardly". That is a huge FLAW.

For instance, I recycle... I am big on it. I rant whenever a credit card company sends me junk mail with a little pretend plastic credit card in it, because it means that I have to open the stupid envelope up and remove the plastic before I can shred the paper. And yeah, I have some haunting angst about eating animals and yes, I have been tortured at night by how much plastic I have thrown into the environment.

But the difference between me and the average Hippie is; that I am looking out for what "I" am doing, not what "you" are doing.

If you want to throw away paper and eat Bambie, then I say it's your right. Go for it, as I am only responsible for me... NOT YOU! Makes perfect sense doesn't it? But somehow that has escapes the average "Hypocritical Hippie".

There, that's my opinion!

Vecordious One

PS: Cissy ~ It's "Jehovah's Witnesses" with an "h", if you are going slam a group of people, try to get their name right. (yes)

Vecordious One

PSS: I guess that was Melissa, not Cissa for the PS...

I will have another Tequila, please. LOL!


No matter what you say to him he will always think he is better than you. SO...everytime you see him walking around the courtyard stop and look at him with a look of shocked horror (mouth open and all). Let your gaze follow him all the way till he goes inside or gets in his car and NEVER say a word to him. He will wonder and wonder and wonder what's wrong with him. Hell, the jelly sandals would make me do that anyway!

Mister Groonk

you could:

1) use and aerosol spray of some sort and spray, 'get a job!' on a tough surface. then you light it ablaze.

2) tater gun his car.

3) water. kool aid. door jam. easy as pie.

i've never done those things. just seen'um happen.

Hippy: you can't OWN property, man!

Professor farnsworth: I can. Cause I'm NOT a smelly hippy!
--futurama 'problem with popplers'

my favorite quote from the professor.


I think it's good to do our part to help the earth and everything but I bet if you followed hippy guy around for just a day, you could find a million other things he is doing that would not be qualified as organic (ex, the Hefty bag). Also, part of taking care of the earth should include taking care of the people that live on it by treating them with respect. Judgemental people like him sure are a pain in the arse. PEACE MAN!


I like to think of myself as a Neo Hippie and that translates to: recycling, reducing and reusing. It also includes cutting down on buying stuff from the grocery store in tiny amounts with tons of packaging (example: individual cheese squares that could easily be cut at home and put in a reusable container which leaves less plastic waste) I drive a vehicle that has great gas mileage and if I can park and walk as much as possible, I do. I wish more people cared about the environment. I find that most people don't care because caring affects how we act. We can't in good conscience be "hippies" and drive HumVees (which I think are the sportscars of little penises for the new century) It really is about reducing. I always get paper at the grocery store OR I bring back my bags to reuse. I not only get a measly few cents credit but I feel like I am doing something small to lessen the impact of years of stupidity.

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