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December 14, 2005



I'll have to sneak a peak at my Barnes & Noble. I wonder how many Sci-Fi lovers met Romance lovers on that aisle. I wonder if it was intentional. I wonder if I wonder to much.


She also sang "Touch me, touch my pocket protector"


Hmmm, let's see, my first two husbands were EE's and my current husband is a corporate buyer of video games. Let's just say, by your generalization, I would have been facing the wrong way on that aisle. I LOVE Sci-Fi/Fantasy! Just teasing you, I'm not offended, the concept IS funny. Apparently a lonely, single (and very wise) person is in charge of the store layout. Oh and I've been telling girlfriends for years that these are the best guys!


I always found that interesting when I worked at Borders, too. Also, the "Western" section was also right next to "Crime." Interesting.

Make a detour in Boston and go to lunch with me, I could use the laughs. ;)


Sci-fi/Fantasy sounds kinky

Cissa Fireheart

Ahh ok I figured this out...it's a Marketing scheme by your local B&N...

Geeks and lonely women find love....then they get engaged. Thusly the couples will now buy books on "relationships", "marriage", and "wedding planning"....once they are married, then they will work on a family...hence needing to purchase "baby books", "baby name books", "pregnancy books", "how to raise your baby books"...etc...which will eventually lead to "How to deal with bratty kids books", and "how to get your teeneager to open up to you books".... see where I am going with this? It's marketing...and by golly, it's INGENIUS!!


touch me..touch my pocket protector. that's funny. although I never thought of romance and sci fi going together but I guess when you think about it...it's a perfect fit.


I have never found love at B&N but that's probably b/c I am always chasing the kids in the kids section with my wedding ring. Have fun in NY!!! I need to plan a trip out there soon to visit some friends.


I'm hoping cookbooks are far away from murder mysteries.


that's what we were doing wrong! at the bookstore i worked at whilst in highschool (the bookworm)we had separate rooms for the romance and sci-fi geeks, and 'nere the two did meet. had we put them in the same space we could have been "the bookworm of love"...


Odds that a nerd was responsible for the layout of the store...?

Mister Groonk

what book ya get?


See, I'm the lonely geek girl who would be standing looking at the sci-fi/fantasy (and the books on architecture... and history... and alternative history...) Screw the romance shelves!


Or, maybe it's because sci-fi is romance.

The genres are closely linked, you see.

(Does that kill the joke?)


Or, maybe it's because sci-fi is romance.

The genres are closely linked, you see.

(Zing! I just put a know-it-all-death-grip on your joke.)

(It was an accident, I swear.)


Aw! You chose me for "wonder." I was expecting maybe Stevie, in a studded cap...I'm so flattered.

And, as fair warning, you should know that I plan to tag you very soon...very soon.


Precisely the reason I don't hang out in the romance section...


It's so on purpose. Someone in that store rocks. :)

Shrinking Violet

AJ - I LOVE YOUR POWERS OF OBSERVATION!!! It is this kind of stuff that is just fascinating. My powers left with my skin collegen a few years ago. I'm going to rely on you now to notice things for me!!!


It was Naughty Girls, nerd!! Sheesh. Must I teach you everything?? Missed you lots!!


I've spent hours in that store just trying to find my girlfriend only to find out she snuck off to Anthropologie

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