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December 13, 2005



ewwwwww, that's so nasty. If he was a Brit, he probably doesn't shower daily. I remember well the permeating body odor that filled the Heathrow Airport.

I hate bad smells so I tend to breathe through my mouth but you know it's bad when you can still smell something and you aren't even using your nose.

There's a little dive down the street from me. The first (and only time) I went there, I ordered a pizza. I noticed the cook was smoking while he was cooking my food. Gross but I didn't speak up. I tried to eat the pizza but it tasted like a giant cig and being a non-smoker, found that really gross.


Stench Charming??!! That's fantastic.

Welcome to what it's like to be a woman, A.J. Every time we see a woman that's prettier, thinner, bustier, whatever-er than we are, we become scavengers for flaws. It's toe-tappingly de-lovely to find out that they bite their nails, have extreme shit-breath, or something else disgusting about them. ;)

I am sorry that it ruined your taste for your Yummies, though.

Cissa Fireheart

See now, if any British people come to this site, they are gonna flip and think you think all Brits smell. LOL

You think British B.O is bad? It's NOTHING comapred to Good Ole Boy White Trash/Southern Gentlemen who douse their stench in Old Spice or something equally as foul, trying to hide it, and making it much, much worse.

No offense to Brits or Southerners. Just stating my observations. I never met a smelly Brit though ;)


My olfactory senses are pretty sensitive too, AJ, so I can empathize...and thanks for the link!


If he was a Brit, he probably doesn't shower daily.

And they actually let you in at Heathrow? Wow, you probably got in on the Republican voting redneck dumb as pick up truck and fat as a tub of lard Amnesty day. They have one a month at Heathrow so as not to discriminate against SFA's. Oh wait that's another sweeping social stereo type. Doh.


OH GAWD, do you think he actually TOUCHED your food?


What happened to Pink Dot?

hhrvt - heather

I'm with Sassy on this one, we're are always comparing themselves to our compitition.

And I have dated multiple Brits and never noticed any of them stinking. (mmmm accents *swoon*) BO is probably one of the biggest turnoffs for me, how hard is it to shower and put on deodorant???


Jaxjax-- ALL Brits do not stink! If Gordon reads your comment he's gonna be-- uh oh.

Sassy-- I'll still order my Yummy.com. But in the "Special Comments" box, I'll type: NO STINKY DRIVERS PLEASE

Cissa-- The subject of this post is two separate statements. But I can't help it if my readers connect them. ;-) Agreed, hiding BO with cologne makes me want to -- *errrrp*

JJ-- Welcome. :-)

Gordon-- I knew you'd pipe up today. I'm sure you smell lovely. And damn you for making all the American ladies weak in the knees with your accent. *shakes fist*

LisaBee-- I don't think he touched my food, but I don't know. I tossed it. From that order, I'm only eating the PRE-packaged stuff.

Heather-- What I don't get is this: even when I'm working out for hours and covered in sweat: I DON'T SMELL LIKE BO. I smell like... well... working out. There must be something chemically within the body that makes some folks really stink.


Uh OH ... sorry Gordon. I'm usually not so bold as to be so politically INcorrect but AJ said it's ok to be P(I)C here.

I'm sure not all Brits are smelly. I should have remembered to put a disclaimer on my comment.

BUT HEATHROW is stinky. I don't care what you say. Maybe you're just used to it and you don't notice it anymore.


There I go again. I'm blaming AJ for that one too!!


JaxJaxBoBax-- I put the smell of my beloved JFK Airport up against any airport in the world!


PS, I don't compare myself negatively to other hot women. I know I'm hotter. Haha!!!!

Seriously though AJ, you're a hottie yourself. You have the added bonus with the great sense of humor that most women totally dig so you have no need to negatively compare yourself to the prettyboys.

Sorry again Gordon!!!!!

See what I get for trying to let loose a little! Back to Miss Serious Jacquie.


That's me piping up for the power shower loving nation that is home. Jax you're right Heathrow does pong, but I'm always in an airport daze when I'm there stoked up on too much coffee and a pronto desire to leave. Although I swear French airports are worse...AJ do you have any readers from Le France?


Ok, I feel better now. I don't think I have been to JFK. We usually drive to NYC.

Gordon, I haven't been to France... yet.


I've gotta say, AJ, even despite the gawd-awful BO, he didn't sound that hot. Long, wavy ponytail is totally lame. I bet you didn't even get a good look at his teeth...

Mark MacLeod

He probably wasn't even British. Maybe he was just practicing his accent for a role?

I was in Poland in July (a particularly hot one) of 1992 and decided to "try out" their public transportation system. The mechanics of their system are great, but the system could use some SERIOUS additional ventilation.

I'm not sure if deodorant had made it over there by then, or not...


I don't know about the BO, but the teeth are enough to make me stay away. BO is easy... hey baby, lets shower together, but teeth are expensive to fix.

Mister Groonk

the funk of forty thousand years. heh

seriously. some people eek odors that permeate into the nose and set up igloos. little igloos of stink living inside your olfactory senses.

next time hand him a bar of soap, a wash towel, and tell him to find running water fast. no excuse for spreading funk across the world.



I'm pretty sure that B.O. is NOT part of any woman's hot delivery guy fantasy.


AJ, you haven't lived until you've spent five hot, sweaty DC summer days straight in a tiny conference room with 20 Russian guys who not only have B.O. (and a cultural lack of interest in controlling said odorama) but also have only brought one change of clothes for a month-long program.

Our conference room soaked up the stink like a giant sponge. We had to order this "stink abatement machine" that was designed for funeral homes and slaughterhouses. I shit you not.

Still, even with the de-stinker going full force, at the end of the day, I carried the Russkiy funkskiy home with me on my clothes and in my hair each and every day. Always made me think of Seinfeld and the stinky valet parking guy...

Washington Cube

Merujo! Nertz. I was going to mention that Seinfeld episode where the valet parks Jerry's car and he cannot get rid of the BO stench...they get it in their hair, their clothes...Elaine is washing her hair with tomato sauce, anything to defuse it.


I think Yummy.com should provide deodorant to their employees...? At the very least, your food would then taste powder fresh.

Mister Groonk

gods merujo! i take it back. YOU need the bar of soap and washcloth for your "friends".

tell those russians to learn how to share and find an open faucet.


And AJ, I totally imagine you as smelling utterly fabulous, in that completely-straight, manly sorta way.


I hope you tipped him pretty good, AJ. You never know, he might be homeless or something. That could also be the reason he was wearing black ... it doesn't show dirt.

Shrinking Violet

Damn! A fabulous round of schadenfreude DASHED by the stench of the unwashed. The only way to get rid of that smell is to spray a noxious amount of Oust and then open the windows. Good luck, my friend!

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