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September 16, 2006


Nicole Gentile

To Your Brilliance,




Hey AJ, glad to see you survived your manicure ok. I never have had one of those. Not interested in that, although I may try a facial someday. Oh, and congrats on getting married! Hope all has been treating you well at your radio job.

Mark MacLeod

I wasn't aware that you'd gotten married. Congratulations! I guess that's an assumption, but since you didn't correct the Japanese(Vietnamese?) man when he described Nic as your wife, it may be a safe one.

Also, in that photo of your nails...

Are you in restraints??


Ok...You are now more gay than I am since I have never had a manicure and do not wear a thumb ring!

hhrvt - heather

I am all over a man with great hands...I'm with Stacy about the thumb ring though




You know, that was a very funny story, of course (wimp). I could totally see the AJ Gentile Vlog in my head, especially the Kung Fu Close Up of your face.

So you think you can just come back with a post nearly 2 months later and try to sneak in there that you have a "rife" and that we are just supposed to be like, "ya, ok, AJ's married". Well I had to run over to your myspace page and see your marital status and by-gum, you are married. It says so on myspace so it must be true. And pictures of Nic with a sizable bump. You're gonna be a daddy too???

Congratulations AJ!

Nice to see you back on the blog too!


NFG-- I love you back.

Chuck-- Oh come on Chuck. Pamper yourself.

Mark-- Not restraints; leather cuffs. A little light bondage never hurt anyone.

Stacy-- "You are now more gay than I am" Was there every any doubt of this?

Heather-- The other side of that ring is a big, fat skull. It's awesome.

Lucky-- Hm? Yes?

Jacqs-- "rife"?? What a lacist you are.


Next step... the couple's pedi.

Mister Groonk

"she is slathering my fingers with a stinky, sticky glaze."

you're soaking in it.

ancient chinese secret, huh?

so many jokes. so little time.


fun knee har de har

Next do the eyebrow threading thingy and tell me how it goes. I'm such a wimp. Then you can gaze soulfully into each other's eyes....and not have any straggly distracting eyebrow stray hairs....\\It might be painful tohugh,. but at least you both have cool looking hands to hold.

And congratulations on your marriage! Love to you both....



Welcome back. Congratulations on so many fronts.

A manicure, eh? My prediction: You'll go back.

My soon-to-be-six-year-old daughter loves going to the local nail salon. (My wife started going there when an injury prevented her from doing her own nails. She took my daughter along once. Once was all it took.)

Even more frightening: My mom took my dad to a nail salon, to have them gnarly man-nails on his feet beaten into submission. He's been back more than once since. Even though I haven't personally been there to gauge his Reluctance Factor, the point is He's Been Back.

I haven't been convinced to try it yet, myself--though it has been suggested, more than one. Given what I've already seen in my own family, I'm just a little afraid to. I'm beginning to suspect that nail salons are kind of like crack...

Oh, and if you and your wife *are* expecting, congratulations--and buckle up, man. You're in for quite a ride.


Congrats on getting married, AJ! And I like your cuff.

I enjoyed The Opposite of Sex, but I guess you could say LK was more supporting than leading.

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