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October 27, 2006



I've had a few of these, over the years. I would recommend freezing it, myself. The "freeze" is actually a burn in disguise. It's a lot quicker than using the acid stuff, you only have to do it once versus weeks of daily applications. Or, you can go to a doctor and have them do it for you.

Once, I had a large one lasered off my foot at a podiatrist's...and wasn't THAT fun...but now I can say I've been operated on with a laser twice, on my foot and on my inner ear.


These are the times when a doctor friend comes in handy:) Just a thought....instead of putting the wart remover materials with the ice cream where people may accidently mistake it for a special topping, why not take the stigma away from the wart? or any other medical problem for that matter?


I'm such an idiot, but I can't help giggling over your tiny typing hand/brain error (I do this all the time, myself): "public lice"... I keep seeing nekkid people in my head, wandering the streets annoucing "Hey, hey! People! I'VE GOT LICE! Yeah, buddy! Right here in public! WHOOO!"

It reminds me of the fake Mac commercial SNL did once where the little kid makes fake flyers about going to the "pubic library." God, I'm such juvenile, I'm giggling again.

I have got to get a hobby. Hee. :-) Have a good one, AJ!


And to think you are not in store product placement?!!

I'm SHOCKED, I say, shocked ;-)


Man, this post made me giggle! Hope you and your little friend are doing well.



Aw, hang in there, AJ. I won't ostracize you. (You can't catch warts over the internet, right? ;)


I saw an expose once on how the sanitation of tools at nail salons is often...wanting. If I were you I'd think twice before your next manicure...


Chuck-- Thanks for the info Chuck. I'm grateful that you didn't post any JPGs.

Annie-- How can you take the stigma away from a viral growth? Maybe I should name my wart and make it wear a pretty dress.

Merujo-- Public lice, private lice, etc.

Lisa-- I'm going to actually start moving products around all the Rite-Aids here in greater Los Angeles. Just watch me.

Claire-- Same to you and YOUR little friend.

claire-- I dunno... maybe you CAN catch them over the internet. I mean: how the hell did this get on my finger?

Helena-- Yuck. Now you tell me. Maybe I'll stick to more manly pastimes... like going tanning.

Mister Groonk

"[your] body is doing things [you] didn't give it permission to."
--Ze Frank http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/

personally, I woulda gone for the freeze. just cause, burning..."yeouch!".

don't get me wrong. i've never had The Wart(s). what do you think i am? a freak?


i hope you see less of your new little friend as the days go by.


Thats what you get for wearing a thumb ring!!


that's a brilliant idea. But this society is all about labeling people and drugstore institutions with their segregated freak aisle are just another product of "the man".


I laughed so hard at this that my vaginal warts exploded. Nice work!

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