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November 01, 2006



Yeah, I like sushi, but I don't see a sushi restaurant succeeding if they advertised "cold fish." That being said, there is a sushi restaurant near here that calls itself "Back Door Sushi." I don't want to seem homophobic or anything, but there's something about that name that just seems fundamentally WRONG to me.


Maybe the fish is HAWWWT!! ya know what I mean?

Mister Groonk

well, it could have been "Tepid Fish."


well, hmmm, maybe... uh... nevermind. I have no clue.


But you live where they'd call such a truck a "roach coach." I think I'll stick with the hot fish. ;)


Chuck's comment is still making me laugh inappropriately as I type. Thank you, Chuck!

When I lived in Moscow, there was a Greek restaurant that used this image of a Greek dude dancing as their logo. He always looked like he was doing a mad pelvic thrust, which amused me to no end. Then, they added a phrase in English to that image - apparently very proud of their signature dish. How did they caption their little thrusting man? "Try our Greek pork!"

Love it.


Hot Fish doesn't sound tasty or sexy ;-)


Yay! You're posting more!


I wasn't going to leave a comment and was on my way to another site when I realized the song playing in my head was "I like hot fish and I can not lie!"

There's something wrong with my brain.


There is a place right down the road from my house that was open for years - a greasy fried chicken place. It recently closed after decades in business because of some landlord/tenant issues. The name - Tasty Chick.

You can't make that stuff up. It's right at a major intersection so giving directions to my house sometimes includes turning right at the Tasty Chick.

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