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May 13, 2007



So, does this mean you're back in business with your super powers of wordsmithing and squirrel-fighting, AJ? I took you off my blogroll a while back. Not because I didn't come here to check and see if you had anything new every week, but because my blogroll was getting so out of hand, I took off my friends who weren't updating their sites anymore. I'll be tickled to put you back in rotation.

And I'm still alive at merujo.blogspot.com - to quote Richard Gere in "An Officer and a Gentleman": "I've got no place else to go!"


I can't remember what's on the fast food menu because years pass before a guy is dumb enough to take me there when he's said we're going "out to dinner."

Those menus change a lot over time and lawsuits, man.


Womens RAM is also filled with precise information about where YOU left your pants/shades/car keys ... so we can respond in a positive way when you go: "have you seen my..."



There's a Cajun guy at my local Taco Bell who talks so fast he could be a professional auctioneer. I enjoy getting him at the drive-through because my order is recorded and processed in record time.


Merujo-- I'm back in business until I'm not back in business!

Stacey-- ::raises hand:: I've been one of those guys.

Rarity-- Touche.

Chuck-- I would go to that Taco Bell specifically to hear that guy.


Now you've made me want fast food. We're in a fight.


Now you've made me want fast food. We're in a fight.

Mister Groonk

women's RAM also contains every mistake or slight you've ever made towards them. this data is only accessed at the most damning moments, sometimes years beyond the date of the offense.

just sayin'.


You are so right. I always know what to get at a fast food joint. At resaurants I am the same way with ordering. I might ask the server one question, but other that that you get to the point.

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