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August 29, 2005



You forgot about all the other nuts, coco and otherwise, populating the sandy shores of this tiny island. All you have to do is roll on over.


Unrelated: Just fired up Eggradio and was greeted by Lowrider. I'm sold.


And then a sound bite from Better of Dead! I'm in love.


I'm that lone coconut!

But I think it's the fronds that are LA, a cluster of beauty without breathing room. The beach is simpler and peaceful. The ocean, both fearsome and reassuring. It rolls to the surf, salty water washing dust and grit away. After the cleansing dip, it leans against the base of the tree, basking in the sun.


You're an optimist, Claire. Nice.

Helena-- welcome. You're gonna like the Egg. You're going to like it a lot.


I've been considering falling off the tree myself lately. Hell, I supppose a closer analogy would be building a boat along the lines of "Castaway" and heading for a new island. We'll see what happens...


i wandered here from claire's blog. have you seen "draw a pig"? http://drawapig.desktopcreatures.com/

also, i have no problem at all with being idle. i can sit and stare and do absolutely nothing, and never once will i think "man i need to be doing something" simply because i love doing nothing so, so much.


Another great doodling tool can be found at


It lets you save, frame, and share whatever pictures you create. I have little artistic talent so it's not too much use for me to save what I draw, but it is a fun tool.


as Freud might've said: Sometimes a couple of coconuts is just a couple of coconuts

Just a Girl (Jag)

Hi AJ. I'm just checking out your blog. I have only read this post so far. I can't believe you use MSPAINT to doodle! I do to! When I have time, that is!


JAG! Welcome!

Meme-- I agree. The doodle has NOTHING to do with me!

Cool links Chuck and Sara... I knew you guys would come up with another way to distract me today. ;-)


AJ , the doodler...you gotta give this a try at some point.


FREE paint program that does some really nice stuff. Can "trace" pictures, smear the oil paints with a tool, use chalk, crayon, pencil.
And it's free, did I mention that?

Very nice blog too mate. keep up the good work.

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