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August 28, 2005



Kosai bows to EVERYONE. Drives me crazy.

Of course, she also speaks Japanese to everyone. And wears kimono(yukata style). So, I guess it's ok.


Okay, I was born in Jersey (35 miles from NYC), raised in Illinois (2 hours from Chicago), and I live in suburban Washington, DC... but I know where the best Uzbek food is in L.A.: Uzbekistan (7077 West Sunset Blvd.) It's in a tiny strip mall. I would kill for some Uzbek food tonight...


I sympathize. My favorite Chinese restaurant- hell, my favorite restaurant- just changed management, so all the food is just a little... off. Nothing tastes as good to me anymore. I'm honestly disheartened.


A white guy delivering Thai? I can't abide it.

Just kidding.

Never...EVER...eat chinese in Holbrook, AZ. I did once. It felt as if there was a party in my mouth and everyone was throwing up.




Merujo-- as a Jersey Girl, your opinion on pizza would be taken seriously, but unless we're talking Hoboken, Newark or Jersey City, we'd still have to test your recommendation before committing to it. That said, I don't know a THING about Uzbek food.

Groonk-- Now I have the same taste in *my* mouth. Thx. :P


I KNEW you were a racist!!!

By the way, I think the unfuckingbelievable Mexican we have must make up, in some small way, for the disservice we do Italian.

And if you ain't sure, I'll tell you where to go to make it right.


Well, if Uzbekistan is still in existence in late January next year, you're invited to come along and live the dream. A friend and I are making a pilgrimage to L.A. then to hear Thomas Dolby play with English Beat at House of Blues, go hear anything at Largo, and feast on Uzbekiness.

Now, all I need is a job to cover the travel costs... :-)

Oh, and I like the pies at Carmine's in Netcong, New Jersey. Simple New York style pizza, and just down the road from Fountains of Wayne (the store that appears in the opening montage of The Sopranos, not the band) on Route 46.


It wasn't bad enough that the Mortal Kombat reference had me cracking up, but then I imagined the long, awkward, bowing sequence and couldn't breathe I laughed so hard.


(sigh) Thanks, Rabbit. Yes, it's funny but I felt ridiculous.

And, industrywhore? The scene is mine. ;-)

The Daily Ranter

Very funny post. The bowing thing had me cracking up...out loud. I am Italian, was born in the Bronx and raised in the Catskills and I can tell you that I have the WORST time finding good Italian or Chinese on the road. My boyfriend was raised in Texas, so he thinks Olive Garden qualifies for Italian! Every once in a while, I come across a little gem of a restaurant. But pizza is the HARDEST to find. So what IS LA's specialty food?


LA has ohmygodtodiefor Mexican. Other than that, nothing special. LA is filled with the world's most beautiful restaurants and extremely mediocre food.

In my experience, there's: New York, Chicago, San Fran, New Orleans, Austin... and then there's: everything else.


NYC chinese food better than in LA? Um no. Not true. Unless you like Chinese food for Jewish people. You need to go to east LA to Monterey Park/San Gabriel Valley. Try Din Thai Fung in Arcadia or Meilong Village for dumplings. This is LA. It's pretty much got the asian food thing down.

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