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August 30, 2005


Special Sauce

And really, what's the point of remembering a dream anyway, if not for the sex? Err, perhaps I've said too much.


I have to agree with you on this one, however I think there is a 3rd exception, that is if you think your dream may be a preminition.


I was talking with a co-worker on the phone. Another co-worker (who's name happens to actually be Bob) was sitting next to me. The co-worker on the phone asks to talk to Bob. He then tells Bob that he had a dream about me. (4th exepetion here, if you have a dream about somebody you both know). Bob of course was thinking that G. has a sex dream about me, until G. told him that we (as in the entire staff of men and myself) were in someones office together when I announced that I was quitting. He had to tell Bob, just in case his dream was actually a preminition.

I happen to be interviewing, so I think his preminition is correct, considering nobody in this office knows that I am actually looking for another job.


Hilarious. But, I find that if you ask a question like: Have you ever killed someone in a dream? And then the group responds, "no, why have you?" And you respond, "yes," and explain the dream, they listen.


This post was fascinating and disturbing all at once...

Oh well.

Why aren't you ever on your Google Talk? I can't holla at a not you.


Appleshell -- I love you, but NO, premonitions still don't make the cut. I only want to hear premonitions if they are ABOUT ME. Which qualifies (#1).

Foxforce -- sneaky way to get people to listen to your dream. Very nice. Still be sure to add some sex.

Darius -- I'm like, on all the time, sheesh. Jus' holla.

The Daily Ranter

I did have a dream about you......

Actually, this is my first time to your blog. And I think I love you. Very clever. Good writing. Great topics. Nice layout. I will be back. And if I'm not back soon, I'm sure I will see you in my dreams.



And true I'm afraid... in our age, anyway. As a teenager me and my (girl)friends could talk about our dreams in detail for hours on end. But I guess we talked in detail about absoultely any detail of our life, dreams(done in sleep) and dreams (done awake) and everything...

What's that AJ, I see you nodding and smiling and hear your go "m-hm", "really?", "that's interesting" etc, but for some reason I have an eerie feeling you're not paying attention... ;o)

Blah blah blah AJ blah sex blah blah dirty secrets blah blah... get your attention now?


I hadn't even gotten to the exceptions and I was getting ready to point out that you didn't seem to mind MY dream the other day ;) But there, you beat me to it. One move ahead of me.

Or ARE you?


what about dreams with subtitles? that's different right? there was no sex, but there were german terrorists and SUBTITLES, damn it!!!!


I don't usually remember my dreams. They must be THAT boring. Where are my sex dreams? I want my share of sex dreams, dammit!


I have sex dreams all the time. It's quite freaky, because I really am a good girl. The most interesting one was when I dreamed I cheated on my husband with Chad Michael Murray. But last night I dreamed my husband cheated on me with who I think was one of the Playboy Bunnies, who was hot yet stupid, and I woke up totally mad at him. Which sucks for him and his chances at getting any today.

ms. sizzle

i completly agree. i hate when people tell me their dreams. it's akin to taking a sleeping pill. automatic zzzzzzzz- unless it follows your rules- which are THE ultimate rules of sharing dreams. the combo dream pack is my favorite. :)

great blog!

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