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September 19, 2005



I too go by the Highlander rule when it comes to soap. I set aside the smaller piece until I have the second bar and smash them together, (there can be only one). But this only works with bath soap and not hand soap. Nothings worse than realizing too late that you have mixed your Irish Spring with a bar of Lava hand soap. It will get you clean, but will remove the 1st layer of skin off to do it.

ms. sizzle

in my opinion, it seems that you are doing a fine job on disposing of the soap and have even gone so far as to mash soap scraps with a new bar of soap creating new fruity (ok not fruity) flavors for a fabulous body sensation (ok, maybe it isn't that much fun). either way, you are doing things right.


It's soap. Who cares?

(I can't believe how much a person can miss text.)





I keep bars of soap on hand just in case I run out of body wash. But when my bar is at the point where I'm suppose to chuck it, I don't. I use that sucker to its very end. Until it looks like I'm just lathering myself with my hands. And yes, I would mash two small pieces together for variety.

Caress is my favorite. And I'm quite satisfied with Dove as well.

always write

Jesus, you really are cheap ;)

They make these mesh pouches now, you put your soap inside and it makes it all foamy and scrubs off your dead skin. You know, in a totally masculine way. That might solve your little problem.


I totally do the soap mushing thing too. I thought I was so clever making my own "vintage." Apparently, great minds think alike ... at least about soap.


Stubs-- I never thought of that. The wrong soap amalgamation could create some unpredictable chemical reaction. Hm. Scary. But cool scary.

Ms. Sizzle-- Thank you for validating my behavior. (whew)

Shini-- It is soap. True. But I actually do care. Huh.

Dariush-- Ashes to ashes. Soap to suds.

Min-- I haven't tried those brands. Though I must've at some point. Do they still make Zest (zestfully clean)? Or Coast (the eye opener)?

AW-- Dead skin?? I don't have dead skin! DO I?? You're, like, freaking me out.

CB-- More like: demented minds think alike. Hey. That was a compliment. ;)


I confess a reluctance to dispose of soap prematurely myself. I've been using bars of Nautica lately, which, while not cheap, I have bought in multi-packs on eBay quite reasonably...still, it costs enough I like to get my money's worth out of every last fragment.


I've been buying multi-packs of soap bars, so I've got quite a few piles of soap scraps (though if I were to run out I would mash them). Oh man, I really am a packrat.

My only hesitation to your drain method is that it might clog your drain. But hey, it's your drain, so go for it!

Oh, soap scraps are good if you've got sash hung windows that stick... helps lube the track.


I am imagining you, sitting back getting a laugh at how so many fans of yours are humoring you by advising you on what to do with your last bit of soap!

That is so funny!

I must confess, I didn't know they sold soap in the bar form anymore!!

AJ, I admire how you can take something so common and make it so fun!!! It's what keeps me coming back for more!!

He's Dead, Jim!

Maybe you ought to donate your leftover scraps to some of our blog comrades who readily admit they shower about every three days? You might be able to claim it as a charitable contribution.


Ok, here's my 2 cents worth:
I'm a frugal girl, who shops at Sam's Club, and has a box of like 20 bars of soap, or something crazy like that. Keeping that in mind, I normally use my soap until it's super duper small, then get my new soap really wet, and mash the old soap into the little dip in the new soap, thus creating a new bar.
I'm soooo glad you did this post, because now I know I'm not the only one who likes to experiment in the shower, and am possibly way too lazy to just throw the soap away! :-)


Oh for cryin' out loud!!!!
Just throw the soap away when it gets too small and reward yourself with a new, untainted bar. Just do it. You deserve it.


Sorry for a long comment, but you're speaking my language.

I am a huge soap snob. The shower is my sanctuary.
I have two to three cakes of handmade soap (usually from Lush) in my shower at any given time. Not to mention the various scrubs, washes, and gels. That way I can find something that suits my mood.

But everyone who touches my skin remarks on its softness, so I think it's worth the trouble ;)

Here is what I think: Throw your cake of artificial-perfume and freaky-lathering-agent-packed Lever 2000 out NOW and let me treat you to something delicious.

Of course, the effects can only be fully enjoyed when someone else does the lathering for you.


Chuck-- You pamper yourself. And why not. I never thought of shopping for soap on ebay. I guess because when I think of ebay, I think of "stuff that people used but don't want." And I couldn't imagine buying and receiving a bar of soap with one of your hairs on it.

Claire-- Doesn't soap, like, disolve in the drain? I mean, it disolves on my butt, so I would assume so. Love your soap-as-lube idea!

Jax-- "you can take something so common and make it so fun" It's NEUROSES, Jax. And they are funny. Unless you're me.

HDJ-- Not a bad idea. I'd love to help out those dirty bloggers. Cleanliness is next to Blogliness.

Arlene-- That's a great idea. I wasn't doing it that way. I was leaving one small piece on the side of the tub and using a new bar until it too, was a small piece. But you, made a NEW bar. It's like soap procreation. Because a little bit of every ancestor soap lives in the new bar. Like mitochondrial DNA. But bubbly!

Nelly-- I don't know. It just.seems.wrong.

Helena-- Woah. I think I just found a place to hang my soap-on-a-rope.


I made the jump to liquid a while back. Nothing fancy, mind you. It just lasts longer under high pressure shower conditions. I still have bars as back-up though. When those suckers get so small that lather doesn't rise within three rubs, it's a goner. Or it gets transferred to hand washing duty.

Course I get my soap from some fella named Tyler Durden.


I made the jump to liquid a while back. Nothing fancy, mind you. It just lasts longer under high pressure shower conditions. I still have bars as back-up though. When those suckers get so small that lather doesn't rise within three rubs, it's a goner. Or it gets transferred to hand washing duty.

Course I get my soap from some fella named Tyler Durden.


OMG - Lever 2000 is my favorite too AND fitting down the drain is when its over...Wait...Did I write this post?

Special Sauce

Nah, AJ. If you were really cheap, you'd grate your tiny, quasi-useless bars up, mix in a little water, and create your own liquid hand soap.

As it is, I back the smush method, though I've been known to use the soap till it's so thin it breaks, and then smush the broken pieces together into a better bar... (But I like Burt's Bees, and am a cheap bastard, so I use every last tiny bit. Except for the hand soap idea.)


My soap fragments get set aside until there's enough to make one small, colorful bit of soap. Right now I've got a bit of Caress Irish Doves waiting for me.


Hey, I do that thing with pushing it down the drain with my toe, too!


Okay - so I use both bar and bottle. When the bar gets really thin.. it's gone. You CANT merge it into the new bar. That's just gross. Funny story: I know someone who's parents were very, thrifty, we'll say. They'd keep all those little flints of soap, and then remold them into a new bar when they had enough. EEEEEEEEW. :)

Found you over at JAG's. :)


AJ... soap quandries? who knew it would be so soon that i would get to mock you for being neurotic? :-D you're neurotic AND clairvoyant. that must be a very anxious life, come to think of it. ;-)


er. quandAries. spelling: not my forte. doh.

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