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September 10, 2005



That was so evil.

You rule!

Special Sauce

Mmm. Nothin' goes better with Mexi-Take-Out than fuckin' with someone's head. Well Played, AJ. Well played.


I remember when I visited there...the motel where I stayed had underground parking, but not enough for all the rooms. So...if you got back late, you had to park at the parking garage three blocks away, then when you got your car the next day, take the ticket in to the front desk, and get your money back. Lots of fun after a night on the town...fortunately, I was only there for a quick trip. But yeah, the parking sucks and it's expensive also! Good job on your "bait and switch" technique, AJ.


That is SO funny! I love when people mess with other people like that! Unless of course, I am the one being messed with! That is a very refreshing and fun way to enjoy life and you shared it in such a attention getting way. I loved it!! I can't believe she was "the one!" and you saying "is she for serious?" Too funny. I don't know what else to say!!!


HA HA! So funny. It always figures....I never get a close space and the Cal. town I live in is not even a 1/4 size of L.A. .....My girlfriend lives there and I cant' figure out why their transportation and parking systems aren't better! Go NOR CAL! hee hee, now, the karma of messin' w/ people....The bird lady, the lot lady, the Baja fresh lady (giving her false hopes! sheesh!) ;p Good one! you are funny...I'd have felt a little like I was being chased by a psycho stalker...props to you for going from car to car like a looney!


I hate to disagree, but I don't think she's THE ONE. If you succeeded to fuck with her puny, spoiled, luxury sedan brain for that long, I think YOU are THE ONE.


That's hilarious. Reminds me of when I went to UF. (Go Gators!) I left my car in one of the God-knows-how-many-there-are parking garages and I couldn't remember which one. Alcohol may have been involved. Those days are hazy, anyway. Oh, and we went to a Laker game once at the old Forum, right there between Watts and Compton. And driving through L.A. was like a trip through hell. Good luck to you!


Groonk-- Thanks, I have felt conflicted about this. Was I being mean? Cruel? No. I don't think I was. And if I was being bean, justice was served: she got the best spot in the house.

Sauce-- You are as evil as I am.

Chuck-- Parking is a problem everywhere here. It's truly frustrating.

Jax-- ;-)

Jules-- I really, really, REALLY miss my NYC Subway system: no car needed. EVER. $1.50 and you can be just about anywhere in Manhattan in 20 minutes or less. (sigh)

CB-- My dinner was cold, but it was completely worth it.

Christa-- Driving through LA *is* a trip through Hell: It's exruciatingly hot and you're always surrounded by evil.

Magazine Man

That was great! I sometimes play that game at the mall, when the couch potatoes troll to get a space the minimum walking distance to the entrance. I'll start fishing my keys out and pretend I'm one of the first two or three cars, although I tend to park far away and walk. And frankly, most of those lard-asses could stand to do the same.

But I have never played the game as deep as you. You're like the Kasparov of parking spotsmanship!


I want to be like you when I grow up.


I occasionally had trouble parking in LA with the permit only zones, but it's nothing compared to SF. Even in the afternoon it could take an hour to park- I was always on the lookout for key jinglers on the sidewalk. That said, I absolutely hate it when people refuse to believe what you're telling them. She assumed you were messing with her when you said you were parked on top... she deserved to be messed with after that.


You must have a ball in mall parking lots around Christmas time.

(The mall near me has valet parking around the holidays. Can you believe that?"

The Daily Ranter

This was GREAT. TOTALLY something I would do. I can't even *believe* she asked you if you were SURE that you didn't park on the lower level. Job well done, AJ. You are too funny.

But I do have to ask...you said the place was 5 minutes from your house. Why didn't you just walk??


HAHAHAHAHA. God, you are evil and demented. You have done what I have wanted to do so many times here in DC. Except that I saw a fistfight between a man and a woman one night in front of Trader Joe's over a parking space. That was utterly bizarre. So, I vicariously live through you, you magnificent bastard.

(And I'm lucky - my local Baja Fresh is in a strip mall with ample parking right in front. Damn - I want a Baja Burrito with Chicken right now... Yum.)


Yeah, that is really, rally funny, AJ. (I don't think I want you dead, after all... ;o)

PS! Did you notice I called you OJ in a comment over at the Nickerblog a while ago? It was a quick typo, no offence intended...


AJ you are an absolute tease. And you appear to delight in it. Fishing out those keys for us...


MM-- It's a sickness. This episode could have become some type of OCD. I mean, if she kept following, I would have played the game ALL NIGHT. Really, I am not to be admired. I'm a simple, sad little man.

Dariush-- You have potential, young one. But the road to sociopathy is a long and treacherous one. But the rewards are plentiful: fewer friends, occasional arguments, lower credit rating (long story).

Claire-- That's what made me so angry! Am I SURE? GrrrRRrr!

Rabbit-- Mall? Christmas Time?? Are you effin' nuts? I won't go NEAR them.

Ranter-- I usually *do* walk to Baja Fresh. But it's about a 20 minute walk or so. Which isn't bad, but I didn't want my food to be cold by the time I got it home. Yeah, yeah, I know: "Your food was cold anyway" I know! "You could have just eaten it there." I know, I KNOW, ok! Sheesh.

Merujo-- A fight in Trader Joes? I can believe it. Something about eating all that tofu and jasmine rice. Really brings out the violence in people. Maybe they have too much energy?

Rarity-- I didn't notice you call me OJ! You subconsciously hate me and want me dead. I just know it.

Helena-- You are one of the few people to which I would gladly give my parking space. "jingle, jingle"

ms. sizzle

ooooh, that is so evil of you- i love it! :)


That was hilarious!! I like to walk down one aisle when someone is following me and then cut over to the actual aisle where I am parked. Not as good as what you did though - I will have to try that one :-)


Very funny... and unfortunately a painful reminder of living in L.A. Next time, go to the IHOP a block away. They have free parking.


That IHOP has free parking??

Neil, my friend, you just earned your supper for the week.


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