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September 21, 2005


always write

Wow. That was spectacularly boring...and yet I want to listen to it again and again.

I wanna do one too!


Okay, I have to say, your production values there beat anything I've done with my damn cell phone to hell and gone. Pretty funny, actually, AJ. It helps that you are "audiogenic", too. (is there such a word? Photogenic begets telegenic begets audiogenic?)

I totally understand the surprise of finding out the entry you read ran 6 minutes. When I got the shot to do my first public radio commentary thingie, the producer told me to read one of my blog entries out loud, and that I'd be shocked by how long they ran. I had to edit the crap out of the pieces I'd written so they'd run 4 minutes 15 seconds, max.

See, I can't even write short comments.


Hilarious! The most entertaining audblog since my Karaoke session last month!

Were you on a microphone though? It sounded great!!!

The Daily Ranter

Loved it. Your voice is wonderful. Will you read to me?

always write

Daily Ranter is right, you do have a lovely voice. And by lovely I mean "soothing and kind, yet masculine and commanding."



Once again, you attempt to be cute. Funny. 'Sassy', if you will.

It's still not working.


AW-- Thank you. I'm glad I could give you multiple bore-gasms (tm)

Merujo-- LOL'd at your comment. And I *never* LOL. Thanks for appreciating the production value.

Jax-- Did you record that karaoke? Would *love* to hear it.

Ranter-- I will read to you *any* time. Are you guys back from AK? Gonna check your blog tonight.

AW-- Woah. Now that's a compliment. You can *totally* sit at my table in the lunch room.

Lex-- Thank you for ruining the love fest and killing my erection. Maybe you can have Meme pop over and verbally kick me in the nads?


The power of Girlspoke, my friend.

I'll see what I can do.


Nice stingers.
I think you'd do well to continue these - maybe include some phone interviews with bloggers. Especially at one or two minutes a pop.
Cool stuff - I can see why you had a career in radio.


Hey man, that was awesome. You have a sexy voice. What kind of equipment was that produced on. (I think I'll just keep Humping the Shark on my blog for a while .) :-)


Nice production AJ!


Yeah, you should randomly call people and post them on audioblogs. Not like crank calls. Because that's been way overdone. But you could call people you know at odd times, or talk to them while you are using the facilities, thereby flushing the toilet so they can hear and recording their reaction.... hmm. It's late, I'll be going to bed now.


I see a cartoon Bunny when I hear that. Or mabye a Woodchuck.

A very tough Woodchuck, of course.

(oooh he'sh sho cute!)


Lexie-- No! Wait! I wasn't challenging you to a du-- damn it.

Unsom-- You might be on to something there. I'm going to think about doing that.

FFF-- RE-20 mic into a Dell laptop running CoolEdit Pro. Fuse/Organism imaging package. I *love* Humping the Shark. I'm going totally hump the shark tomorrow.

Rarity-- Tusen takk. ;-)

Christa-- You had me until you started talking about listening to me pee. Then it just got awkward. But now I have to use the bathroom.

Helena-- A TOUGH WOODCHUCK, huh? Gee. And you just pinched my cheeks didn't you? You pinched my mother effing cheeks. Oh that's it. Nobody pinches *THIS* woodchuck's cheeks. It's on.


hey, could you send me the raw file? i'm working on a mashup with you talking and me and lexie heckling you in the background set to neil diamond...it's gonna be H.O.T.


I can attest to Jag and her "karaoke" post! it was hilarious! I had my daughter do a really funny but childishly gross audioblog a couple months ago. I think audioblogs need to be short and sweet! But, you do have a nice voice! and yours was sweet. Blogjam....that's a good one! I hate it when that happens!


Yes, Jules got me into audioblogging and the one of her daughters song was awesome. Jules baby, you gotsta link to your audioblogs.


Damn my broken speakers! Damn them to hell!


Hey AJ, I've thought of trying an audblog yourself, but like you, I have nothing in particular to talk about. One of my friends did an audblog and started rambling on and ran out of time on the audio posting service he used...it was rather lame...so I liked yours because it was short.


Kinda cool.

Still not into the audblogging meself though. But you do it well, Mr Radio Guy.

I guess it would cut down on proofreading and the like. Would also give you something to fill the slow days.

I don't know. Plant a few more and let's see what grows.


Meme-- Let me get riiiiiiiight on that.

Jules-- Short and sweet. Exactly. I think two minutes is about as long as I can stand it.

Jax-- The laughter of a child is endearing. The droning of a blogger, not as much.

Goddess-- Not I think anyone should go shopping just for me, but: www.amazon.com

Chuck-- Short. To the point. If there's no point, still keep it short. That's the secret.

Groonk-- Good thinking. I'll toss a few out here and see if they take.


There's a problem with that, AJ. I'm online at work and no where else. It's my EMPLOYERS speakers that don't work, and he keeps forgetting to get more...


Awww! He'sh mad! Lookit how angry da widdle woodchuck ish!

You're so CUTE when you're angry!


Dude, that's awesome. It's definitely the funniest and entertaining audioblog I've ever listened to. Nice touch with the special effects. I literally laughed out loud at the 'coffee' part Did you know that Wil Wheaton (that kid from 'Stand By Me') has an audioblog on Blogger? I think it's inactive now but personally, I think it was due to the fact that it was so BO-RING. And not to mention each post had to be like 10 minutes long. I think I may have napped through one post.


Goddess-- Now, I'm not saying you should QUIT over this or anything........ but..... ;-)

Helena-- You're so dead.

Min-- Wil is the granddaddy of bloggers and I dig his site. But his content lends itself better to the written word. My favorite of his audioblogs are his short ones where he talks about numbers stations or finding They Might Be Giants on the radio.

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