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September 21, 2005



I guess I could get into listening to audblogs, but it's wierd to me...Like breaking in and reading somebodies diary or journal, but the internal monologue isn't mine. Someone else's voice is in my head....MAKE THE VOICES STOP!!!


Someone get Stubs an anti-psychotic!

(And make mine a double, wouldya?)

Magazine Man

Heavens, that was so...crisp and clear. And so NOt from the Underworld. Clearly I've got some work to do with my own audblog efforts.


Until now, I was an audblog virgin, myself. Yeah, that was about as exciting as my latest vlog. Sometimes, in the blogosphere, it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Way to take "I got nothin'" and make it fun.


Oh, wow - I'm swooning here - did you just say 'Tusen takk!'? You have NO. IDEA. how many credits that just bought you. (Not that I know what those credits could do for you - but you got them just the same!)


Pauly D

I quite enjoyed the Dating Game music in the end.

Good work for keeping it short -- had it been longer than 3 minutes you would have lost me.

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