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October 11, 2005


Special Sauce

Oh holy Pete! That's bad. I'm so white I glow in the dark, and I think I could probably do better than that!

My sympathies, AJ.

The Daily Rant

Holy Mother Of God. You can move into the truck with me. You will hear nothing from any neighbors...just the gentle hum of the diesel engine.


It kinda sounds like my three legged cat going up and down that stairs, well, if he had a metal pot tied to his tail at the time


Is it just me, or does the recording sound like someone with a consistent, bad, phlemmy cough? BTW AJ, I have a sax that isn't being used now, I can ship it to you for your attack on her.


Sauce-- I'm sure you could do better. Fun bags and all.

Rant-- The hum of the diesel engine sounds RELAXING. And the fumes... mmmm.... sleepy.

Heather-- HAHA! Exactly.

Stubs-- That is a freaking evil (ahem), I mean BRILLIANT idea!

OC girl

Doesn't she work or something? That’s horrible... almost as horrible as your reference to Corky, our friendly mongoloid...


that is horrible. ummmm can't you just ask her to stop? if she is as tragic and stubby as she seems, i'm sure the social pressure will be overwhelming.


That is really, really scary. Not just because it sounds really, really bad but because I think the Devil is trying to say something to me in that racket.

Or is it just the recording?

No. It's Satan.

Make it stop, AJ! Make it stop!


Isn't there like a noise ordinance--or like a landlord you can call and complain to?


Mother puss bucket. That would drive me to hurt someone. Damn. AJ, dude, there has to be some sort of noise ordinance or apartment complex covenant that covers this crap. In our neighborhood, there's a policy that you can't do stuff that interferes with your neighborss right to the "peaceful enjoyment" of their homes.

Ain't nuthin' peaceful about that. Ugh.


Neighborss? What am I? A snake? Christ, I gotta spell check. It's late. I'm tired...

Mister Groonk

gods...that's horrid!

sounds like someone was spanking a sick cat.

you should play that recording back to her. maybe then she'll realize how rancid she is and stop.

aj: the dream killer


Yikes! I'm with Min - my first thoughts went to the devil himself. This is pure evil!

Just be very very careful when you sabotage that drumset tomorrow night. And bring a cross and a mirror, and GOD BE WITH YOU - you must drive that demon from her badly dressed, chubby body!

In the meantime, I'll be hiding way over here...


Yeah . . . I believe I'd call the cops if I heard that in my apartment for hours a day.


It's like one of those electronic Sony dogs, but in much, much pain.


I didn't truly appreciate how accurate your rolling irregular dumpster description was until I heard that. Damn.


Wow, that is just, well, bad.

From your list of "lovely" neighbors it seems to me that you could use this,

and if that doesn't do it for you, just start here.

/me wanders off to say "Arrrrr" quietly


I have an idea...I think you should purchase your own drum set and make LOUDER noise than your stubby neighbor.

Or maybe you'd just be annoying yourself...


One word my friend:



It sounds better with the Red Sox explosion background noise beneath it. I think you're on the verge of an electronic revolution.


Is that for real? That's just horrible. It's pretty funny if you think about it, and I was all ready to have a laugh at your expense... but then I started to think about how I would feel if I were you.

And then the BF had to tear the gun out of my hand.

I feel for you, I really do. I've got the best neighbors ever, but I may be moving soon and I really hate to think about what I *could* get stuck with. Is there no justice in the world??


Woah! That's terrible...it sounds worse than my little boy playing with the pots and pans. No rhythm at all. My deepest sympathies and condolences. I do agree with industrywhore, maybe if you ask her nicely and you know, lay on the charm she'll stop or at least limit the abuse time.

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