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October 15, 2005



That's a new one! You must ask her what its about? I mean, now you've got me curious I have to know...by the way, 8 miles? I'm trully impressed.

Mister Groonk

Firstly. Inside the Semaphore: "live a diver"? Busted!

Secondly. Your AC Slater link was blocked. Guess old AC has problems with image leeching. I'm hip to that.

You've gotta get a pic of the burka-badminton players. That reminds me of the image of fully frocked priests off to play...well...badminton. Watch the first 10 minutes of AMELIE for a quick reference.

Work-out chick sounds fully committed. Must be nice to be that committed.

You run almost 8 miles a day?! You in-shape fool! Again I need to be committed.

You calculated the circumference of your walking path using Google Earth? I swear I deeply under-estimate your nerdly powers.

Every. Single. Time.

Cause some people buy one of those walking odometers.

Just saying.


Dora the Explora-- I am too scared to talk to her. She is SOOOOO in to her workout.

Da Groonk-- Typo fixed. Thanks. Slater is broke? Eff-it. I will definitely get a picture of the players. They're hysterical. Not 8 miles every day. Rarely, in fact. Usually 6. My knee can sometimes do more, sometimes less. And re pedometers, odometers, etc: Nerds will sometimes find the most ridiculous way to solve a problem just because it's COOLER.

always write

I'm willing to be she keeps a scrapbook of those perforated how-to cards from Shape magazine and studies them every night before bed. Eh, good for her; She'll probably outlive us all. Her knees will certainly last longer.

(*you're a Google dork)


I'm impressed you manage to jog with a bum knee. Mine are too shot for it. I have gotten back into walking though (you may recall I was procrastinating over the summer), so I feel better about the fun-size 100 Grand bars and mini-Charleston Chews downstairs. Ah, junkfood.

So do you do 6 miles worth of laps on that path? I suppose if Exercise Girl was around, I'd be mesmerized enough to make up for the repetition.


Wow, and I thought I represented the most retarded-looking workout on the planet. I stand corrected.

I totally agree with Always Write - I bet she does a a scrapbook of Shape exercises. Which reminds me of an unpleasant memory...

Went to a very good friend's apartment once for dinner with him and his then-girlfriend, whom I didn't really like. She was jealous of our friendship and did all sorts of weird things to remind me that I'd lost out on the Great Relationship Wheel o' Fate.

When I got there, the table was already set, but my friend was cooking his ass off in the kitchen. On my plate, his girlfriend had laid out a page from Glamour or somesuch, with "exercises you can do with his necktie to stretch your muscles for his fave positions!"

"Oh wow!" She said to me. "How did that get there? Guess I'm just thinking about MY dessert. Hahaha." And she pocketed the page, saying, "He doesn't need to know about this, alright?"

God, I hated that chick.

But, I digress.

I no longer feel bad about looking like an enormous overripe pear, flailing on the treadmill at my gym. And, for that, I thank you, AJ.


6 miles with a bum knee??? Holy shit, just walking 3 miles on my knee is pure hell, I'm impressed

Special Sauce

So I clicked the sound before I read the part about "playing chariots of fire in her head".

I'll have you know I very nearly died, I was laughing so hard.

Perhaps this will be the subject of a vlog? Please? I'll bake you tasty goodies, if it means you'll go out and run, and catch this on tape...


If you ever do me wrong, I'm going to post fliers with this URL in all the common areas of your complex.

Can you imagine the combined fury and insanity of Peta Lady, the Little Majorette, and Excercise Girl?


Always Write-- Of COURSE her knees will last longer. She's not DOING anything out there. And, yes I'm Google dork. In fact I belong to many Houses of Dork, Orders of Dork and Castes of Dork.

Claire-- You're right. She motivates me to get around the curve faster so I can see what she's doing. Then I run a bit more slowly when I'm on her side of the ellipse.

Merujo-- What happened with the chick? She doesn't sound like a keeper. But the image of you flailing about on the treadmill warms my heart!

Heather-- When the knee is being especially honery, it will considerably less than six miles.

Sauce-- I know! I *could* have the music start automatically. Which I think would add dramatic flair to some posts. But sites that play sound or video without my permission annoy me.

Helena-- You could totally blackmail me. And I haven't even posted about the Korean lady who sings Christian hymns with her opera falsetto in terrible asian-accented English. OH YES. I recorded her today... stay tuned...


AJ - the passive-aggressive chick dumped my friend because he hadn't provided a ring within her predetermined timeframe. She then got engaged to some guy she met online (after exchanging e-mail for six weeks.) She then dumped him after he pulled up stakes to move 1000 miles to be with her and bought her a honkin' big ring - she determined he wasn't hot and funny enough in person. He then sued her for breach of promise. Har dee har har.

And I will keep on flailin', good buddy. Oh yeah!


That is hilarious. I can picture it already....I hope people aren't laughing at my rollerblading skills....especially after I fell today...thank goodness no one was around to see (that I know of)


I'm always impressed by people who run. Or walk. Or exercise at all, for that matter.

I try to have sex 5-6 times a week. Does that count as cardio?


Merujo-- Wow. Things like that really *do* happen, don't they.

Jules-- If anyone was around to see you fall, they laughed. I certainly would have. I love slapstick comedy!

Rabbit-- FINE. Rub it in.


Please find out what she is doing! Come on, get brave. Ask her after the 'workout'. Maybe she is practicing for some kind of skating routine or something,


I wondered how long before you started calling me that "Dora the explora"...I don't mind...I've had worse nicknames. Besides, I looked just like her when I was little.


Ok, at first I thought I was athletic girl. That totally described me except I am nowhwere near Hollywood (ch ch ch ch (listening to chariots as I type) and also, I would be way to self conscious to do all those moves in public. Too funny!!!


Krisco-- I don't think I could do it. Should we definitely know I was fixin to goof on her. PLUS she might kick my ass.

Explora-- I honestly don't know what she looks like. I only know about Dora from Shane's web site.

Jax-- YOU do moves like that?? TELL!


Bad news bud, it's not only when GIRLS get kissed by Cary Grant.


this makes me think i should go out in my neighborhood more often on walks and stuff. meet/stalk my own local weirdos. although i think you may have cornered the market on "weirdos who live near you" (see: drum set girl, et al). i'm kind of jealous.... but then again, really, really not :-)

jennifer Lankenau

Man. All I get at my gym is CNN and Oprah.


I totally want to work out with this girl. I mean really, she sounds like she makes workouts fun. However, I'm not sure I truly understand the Heads-Down-On-Desks-Reverse-Leg-Lift. I think I might need to see that one to get it down.


I hate running too. But I still do it...


1. I run and do yoga so that I can continue to eat ice cream.

2. I freakin' LOVE Google Earth.

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