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October 20, 2005



A man who manages to work a Logan's Run reference into a trip to the DMV? Jesus, AJ, you're killing me here with your Geek-Godliness. (BTW, Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6? First nekkid boobs I ever saw on screen. I was a traumatized 10 year old girlie. Mind you, I didn't flinch at the people asploding at Carousel. Just at the boobs.)

My Carousel was 10 years ago, actually, but I didn't blow up real good. In 12 days, my crystal just rots off, I think. :-)


Ah, I remember my first written driver's license exam...

I did spectacular on the written, but on the signs test, I wasn't paying attention on one of the questions and accidentally marked Rail Road to mean Hospital Zone.


The old lady running the show said I was the first guy in 16 years to miss that one.


OC girl

"We leave each other wanting more."

Hil-ar-ious... dying... "Flip"ping out...

Well done.




Love the Flip Wilson picture!

Jennifer Lankenau

Wow. Logan's Run reference. I'm turning 30 in 21 days 13 hours. Thanks for that, guy.

Thanks for the post, though. I just realaized my license expires in 21 days 13 hours. I would have forgotten and driven around illegally if not for you.

You're my own personal hero, AJ. And my perfect driving record's.


Merujo-- I seem to be referencing that movie a lot. Maybe I'm obsessed with my age? btw, your crystal won't fall off. It will just hang a little lower. :-)

Dariush-- I hope to hell you've got those signs figured out now. And I hope you never have to take me to the hospital.

OCG-- You always leave us wanting more. Always.

Stacy-- HAHAHAHA! Cheap red wine coming out my nose. Thank you...

Jules-- What's not to love about Mr. Wilson...

JL-- How many days and hours?


Logan's Run AND Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the freaking Dead, man.

Of all the zombies. You picked me favorites.


Is it possible that you just made the DMV sound like fun? There's surely a Pulitzer for best blog post.


This is close to Dooce-dom, so funny! And the "Eff! Oh, I ate one!" is truly inspired!

Special Sauce

I think I have some Sierra Springs I can send you, Mr. Gentile. You rocked the DMV hardcore. I actually really like our DMV. Short lines, funny staff, and you're in and out of there quickly. (And no, the state didn't pay me to say that.)

And I am SO using "E-A-T-M-E" at my next eye exam, DMV style or no.


I could have sworn the answer to the blind pedestrian question was that you drive around him. That makes sense to me, it's not like he's going to see you do it and get mad.

Also, I can't believe you didn't correct that DMV ho to give you the right score on your test. Just another right taken away from an American.


Your neuroses make me laugh, AJ, but only because I would've had similar reactions. In SF, they gave me my test to keep... but then I got an unblemished perfect score. And I keep a bottle of purell in my glove compartment (wetnaps dry out over time). ;]


Groonk-- You've got red on you.

Unsom-- You have to try and MAKE fun where ever you can.

Rarity-- Thx. You flatter me to put me in the same sentence as the great Dooce.

Sauce-- Your DMV sounds pleasant. Boring, but pleasant. I'm not sure if I prefer it.

Arm-- I think the best thing to do is drive around the blind pedestrian and then yell "your shoelaces are untied!"

Claire-- Sure. Rub salt in my wounds, why doncha.


Logan's Run! Yay!!!

My hands feel really dirty now...

Excellent retelling of DMV nightmarish realm. I, too, was surprised at the niceness and humour-filled DMV workers back in Feb. when I had to renew.

They must be taking something...

ms. sizzle

you can "shake off" a neurosis? why can't I do that?

now that you are official, you can start driving like a maniac. welcome to CA.

;) sizz


eff! oh, i ate one! hahaha... i totally would have laughed. if i worked at the dmv. which i thank my lucky stars i don't.


Thanks for the funny DMV adventure, however the neurotic in ME has to point out that it's "¡Caramba!" not "Carumba"... feel free to consult me anytime gringo...(insert cheesy grin)


Only you can make a trip to the DMV sound entertaining.




LMAO!! AJ you are too funny. I hate going to the DMV, it's such a pain!


What a great story! (and sooooooooo true)


i'm late reading this one but I need more AJ in my life. You make the world a happier place.


the dmv back in alabama was a lone desk in a tiny room in the courthouse... here in california, it was a major operation filled with 36 counters, lines, and an array of smells, sights and sounds enough to overload 3 senses outright... here is a little pic from my hour-ish wait last march:

i missed 2 but didn't read the book... the guy ahead of me was 120 easily, blind as a bat, missed 12 and said he would be back the next day...


I was just at the DMV today, for the fourth time. I have to go back yet again tomorrow for a road test. Why, you might ask? Please, don't ask. But I did take the written test today (well, computerized test...no funky pencils involved) so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then I remembered this post so I had to come back and comment on it. My geekish side's memory just works like that sometimes.

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