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October 12, 2005



You're a sick bastard, AJ. Sick, but damn funny. And you made Shane blow up real good.

I just realized the compression of our IM chat makes it look a little like I'm dissing on Shane's other vlogorama ventures. Not the case! Of course, poor Shane probably doesn't read anything with my name attached to it after the Talking Baby Head from the Future...

Magazine Man


Tears of joy are streaming down my face.

AJ you are too cool to be allowed.

Have to watch it again...


Your nerddom is unparalleled. Totally made me laugh- good times.



OMG, that was fan-ripping-tastic! I'm crying! You're like Monty Python meets blogging meets flash. I love it!

still laughing...


Ack Terry Gilliam--I finally remembered! Terry Gilliam; you're the blogging-world's Terry Gilliam armed with flash.

This was so deliciously geeky, I don't know whether to be jealous or crushed out. *swoon*



Thanks for the kind words, y'all. What are people going to think who watch this and have NO IDEA of the context?

They'll probably just think I'm a sick bastard.

Which I am.


AJ, holy fucking shit.

You win. Forever. That was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me on the internet.



But I was right.



Didn't I meet you in line outside of Grauman's?



Does it count for anything that I actually re-watched the Star Wars Trilogy (I am of course thinking of the first three films - the ones that are worth watching again and again) this very weekend?

Though I really didn't see THIS coming - didn't expect "episode VII" to be quite like this - the ressurected Darth so into baseball...? But I LIKED it!

I'll have that Margharita now, thanks!




Holy flaming shitballs - this is awesome! Talent... pure talent.

And THANK YOU for introducing me to Gizoogle. It's high-larious to get it to translate really serious stuff... perhaps I am way behind the times on this one (wouldn't surprise me in the least, seeing as how I can't even seem to find the time to blog anymore, much less keep up with the hip new thing), but thank you thank you thank you :)



Shane-- I know you didn't really call me out, but the temptation was too great.

JStove-- No. I would have been at the *correct* theater. But I'm always up for pizza pie, if you're buying.

Rarity-- "Who wants margaritas" is my new catchphrase. "You're so money" was getting old anyway.

Helena-- *blink blink*

Dusty-- Gizoogle rocks. I run all my favorite blogs through it.

Pauly D


I love it when the obsessive compulsive nature of the Internet, and vlogs and um, blood and stuff all come together like that.



I don't think I'm going to be able to top Pauly D's comment.


Oh my GOD! That was so awesome.


that faint humming/beeping noise is highly irritating.


AJ - sick bastard, yes. But a magnificent sick bastard, too. *Definitely*. Had to come back and watch that again this morning. Still chuckling evilly. Heh heh heh... It's the non sequitor mariachi AJ that really makes it complete. (And how much does it raise my geek index that I actually own a vintage 1980 Thinking Cap Company Imperial Officer's cap?)


That was a geektastic nerdgasm. Love, love, love it.


Pauly-- It's a recipe for disaster.

Arm-- It's a recipe for... oh yeah.

FFF-- \m/

Lexie-- Get laid. Fast.

Merujo-- [insert my new catchphrase] :-)

Sandra-- Watch it again for multiple nerdgasms!


Holy. Shit.

AJ, you rule.


OMG. How jealous am I right now?



No, no. I called you out, for sure, but it was purely selfish, I assure you. I had a feeling throwing it down on the vlog would be enough to get you off and running. :->

Oh, and Merujo...

I laughed my ass off at the lucy from the future message you sent. I just forgot to respond. :-)


Wow! Found you from Shane's post, and now I'm hooked. Great animation... my co-workers probably think I'm insane, because I've got headphones on and I'm laughing hysterically. Looking forward to reading more!


The world would be a better place if you would post one of those every day. It's so excellent I can barely STAND IT!!!!!

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