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October 12, 2005



Wil-- You don't know how close I came to putting a Conn station on that bridge.

Helena-- You want to make out with me and pretend I'm WW? Fine.

SN-- Thank you for validating Merujo. That Lucy-gram has been tormenting the poor girl!

Mel-- Welcome. If you liked that crappy-mation then you probably *are* a little insane. I'm just sayin.

Eve-- I don't think I could make one every day. Shane doesn't have enough vlogs... ...yet.


What else can I say....niiiiicceeee.

Special Sauce

Who wants margaritas? Me.
That? Freakin' hillarious. You do realize what this leads to, though, right? Once you insert yourself as an incongrous mariachi man, you must next perform "My Little Buttercup" a la "The Three Amigos".

Set to, my friend. Set to.


I never thought I'd enjoy watching my brother's head blow up so much. Spectacular. (The best part is the sound continuing after the movie ends)

Mister Groonk



was that an offer, AJ?


Stubs--- 10Q

Sauce-- Well, my little buttercup DOES have the sweetest eh-smile! smile!

Todd-- That sound is the idling engine of a model T slowed down and pitched down to sound all outer space like.

Groonk-- How did you know it was a mail plane? (Didn't you see it's little balls?)

Lexie-- ...


Dude, that was SO inaccurate. Darth Vader would have used his RIGHT hand to make Nickerson explode. And that head popping sound is SO un-Ben Burt. I could also see the tracking lines around your obviously blue screen matted effect. And you call yourself a nerd... pathetic!


sooo funny. where did you get that? how'd you do that? Now if you could only do that to the Nazi Peta lady....That would be classic!

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