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November 29, 2005


ms. sizzle

rockin' tunes. ;)


Too cool. I actually had a pair of those glasses myself as a kid. It did wonders for my social life.


so, is Myron actually AJ as a kid? It's amazing. He sounds a lot like you and what's with the Will Wheaton obsession???

How long should I sit here and watch Myron type????


Is that a Wil Wheaton poster?

Myron is a cutie.


Sizz-- Spank you very much.

Neil-- I still have a giant pair of frames around somewhere.

Jax-- I dunno Jax, how long did you wait? ;-)

Laurie-- Yes, that's Wil. What nerd room is complete without that poster?


Myron looks like my next-door neighbor from the 70s... I miss that boy.


OH MY GOD! MYRON HAS A 2XL! AND HE'S LISTENING TO THE OUTFIELD! AJ, I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY BASEMENT! Did you just do that to determine how long we would sit here and watch Myron type? I listened to all of "Your Love" and appreciated the lovely clicking sound for a bit afterwards. By the way, I'm trying to send some listeners over to the Egg.


I guess I was a nerd then. I had picture of Wil on the wall when I was growing up.

I've been converted to the Egg. :)


Myron has an Atari! I had great fun clicking on things. Was that Homestar I heard? Can't wait to see a bit more of Myron. (I still have my Atari 7800...and it works.)


What a cute character! Is he a new alter ego of some sort...he kind of resembles you and he's definately an 80's kid. Looking forward to the finished product.


Melissa-- I like that boy already.

Jill-- Wow, you have quite an eye for nerd toys. Impressive.

Laurie-- Haha! Welcome to the Egg!

Ambeart-- A 7800?? I was always jealous of kids who had that. That thing kicked ass.

Dora-- Myron is going to be a... mouthpiece, of sorts. You'll see. Much more to come.

Mister Groonk

very cool...I'm liking what i'm seeing!

definitely aj-shaped hair but i guess you knew that already. :)

your creativity is inspiring me. i must do something soon, too.

after finals.

i'm looking forward to seeing more from myron.

Mister Groonk

crap. i forgot.

VERY good call on the classic Daisy Duke poster.

very good, indeed.

but where's K.I.T.T?

OC Girl

AJ- Splendid... As everyone pointed out... he's a mini- me! Well.. not a "mini-me" as much as a "mini-you"... but you know what I'm saying...

always write

Short kid, glasses, nappy red hair, loves 80s music... Myron and I may have been separated at birth. Like Luke & Leah, only nerds. I'm not sure if I want to buy him a milkshake or steal his lunch money and give him a wedgie.


wow, that's sweet. Tis a darn good thing i twas not stoned when i played that.


Man, AJ, talk about a serious 80's flashback experience there...my first computer was a C64, but I don't think I had the skillz Myron does.


I miss Pitfall... :(


Ha ha - so much fun clicking stuff around the place - turning on the telly and changing radiostations and stuff. I tried to tear down some objectional posters, but for some reason I'm not allowed to do that...

And what a cutiepie!


I'm still watching and Myron is still typing. I hope he is done soon. I can't wait until he's ready. He's adorable.

Pauly D

I hope Myron has a kick-ass tat on his chest that he'll reveal in the finale of the first season.

Pauly D

And how could I not comment on you having the robot, 2XL there in the room. This is like an 80's room shrine. The Outfield and 2XL. Now if you could only figure out a way for 2XL to sing with The Outfield.


Bitchin' shades.


He really stuck that landing on that stool! I foresee floor exercises at the Olympics with 80s accompaniment.


i wish i were as tech savvy as you

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