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November 11, 2005



I am laughing in a cruel, cruel, yet delighted way.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

OC Girl

I. Can't. Stop. Laughing... Sweet Jesus... thank you... thank you for that...

(not Him... you)


At least Sharon Stone wasn't in there.


I had similar gastrointestinal distress earlier today, and had to take care of business in the bathroom at work. I chose the far stall and was rather pleased when it seemed that I was the only person in the bathroom...and then another woman came in and seemed determined to stay in her stall, silent (guessing that she had similar issues). I almost yelled, "I'll out-wait you! I'm not coming out now!"


always write

Something similar happened to an ex-boyfriend -- bad seafood, I think -- only he made it to the men's room, then leaned over to flush and dropped his brand-new $500 glasses in the toilet. I'll spare you the rest of the story and skip to the lesson: COURTESY FLUSH; Do it for them, do it for you.


Oh, lordy, that's hilarious. Did you know, however that you are killing trees for no good reason? It's been proven that the toilet seat is the cleanest, yes, that's right, most germ-free place in the bathroom. Not only that but there are no know communicable butt diseases, well at least none that don't require entry.


You're lucky you got out of there unscathed pretty much.

Gino's linko isn't working...or is there not really a Gino?


Yikes, that's a scary story! However, let me tell you this, having worked as a lowly dishwasher in a restaurant when I had to clean both bathrooms before the joint opened...the ladies room is ALWAYS nicer than the mens room. Small comfort, but true.


p.s. I guess "Adorable" runs in the family :P


God, I LOVE shitty posts like this! How did you know?

Thanks for stopping by Recreational Use. I won't be a stranger if you won't.


Ha ha ha!

As if we didn't already know you are a Ladie(')s man ;o)

Movie Performer

Your story made me feel like going to the restroom. AJ, I hope everything came out all right.

Hilarious, but I felt sorry for you. Poor baby!

Movie Performer



I love this!
And...'again'??? Geez AJ, it was that bad huh?


My dad went into the ladies' bathroom ONCE by accident on a long family trip 18 years ago. We've never let him forget it. Gotta love family. Of course, if you were referring public intestinal distress, I'm going to feel really stupid.


Did Ruby Tuesday not have a cutesy pic of a guy or gal on the door? Or maybe they did and you couldn't tell the difference? That might have been it, those pics are drawn so poorly it's hard to tell sometime.

AJ, I'm trying to give you a "get out of embarassment free card." Work with me here!


We had co-ed bathrooms in college, so if I happen to walk into the ladies room the next time you're there, rest assured I won't feel compelled to attack you with an umbrella. :)


That's probably worse than being in the men's room in a Tennessee campground and realizing as you leave that the dude who walked in a few minutes ago heard you absent-mindedly quoting The Empire Strikes Back.

The Hoth system is supposed to be devoid of life, after all.

Jennifer Lankenau

My husband suffers from the same gastrointestinal maladies as you, though in a state of emergency he has yet to use the ladies room. What an amateur.

You should come to my restaurant. If I sat down at a table I would be fired. AAA would revoke our 4-star rating if we did that shit. We only chat with a table if the conversation is intitated by the guest. You'd love it.

Though if you came in, I would expect nothing less than a 20% tip.


AJ, your story is hillarious! I can just see it happening and the look of utter terror on your face when you realize you're in the wrong place...you must keep your family laughing at you all the time...I have a sister who does stuff like that. I tell her she should write a book...no one would believe it.


oh, poor, poor, aj.


not that i'm laughing at your tragic tale of mistaken identity, but....

no wait- i am. i'm laughing pretty hard about it, as a matter of fact.

you have made my weekend.


"Got a meetin in the ladies room"


Merujo-- It was funny. I agree. But truly panic-inducing at the time.

OCG-- I talked to Jesus AND his Dad throughout the entire ordeal.

Herena-- Haha! I love that story. For those who haven't read it: http://www.poethelena.com/archives/000094.html

Sandra-- Who won the showdown??

AW-- YUCK. He fished out his glasses. I just know it. ACK!!

Melanie-- The toilet seat is the cleanest part of the bathroom?? Maybe in the LADIES room. Have you ever seen a public MEN'S room? We are vile, vulgar, disgusting creatures. With poor aim.

Melina-- There really is. Enjoy the linkage while it's there. If he asks me to unlink, I will have to honor his request.

Chuck-- Yes. It's always true. The lack of urine everywhere should have clued me in. I was oblivious.

Helena-- Eh.

Hussy-- Deal.

Rarity-- I'm NOT. Far from it.

Movie Performer-- Thank you for the sympathy. And thanks for the pun! Ok, I take back my thanks for the pun.

Min-- "Again" meaning... I've made this mistake before. Multiple times. :-|

Jeopardy-- SEE?? It *IS* embarrassing. My brother didn't tell anyone. How cool is he?

Lisa-- I don't remember. I think it said "Ladies" and "Gentlemen". Got confused. Stupid bowel.

Claire-- CO-ED bathrooms?? How did you stand all the dirty boys? Or did you gals henpeck the boys into picking/wiping up after themselves. A little nagging goes a long way.

Dariush-- I would have thought you were cool for quoting ESB. But everyone knows that Wampas and Tauntauns are both indigenous to Hoth. Duh.

Jennifer-- I am a refugee of many years in the service industry, and thus an outstanding tipper.

Dora-- She should write a book! (Or start a blog -- much easier)

Duff-- I feel silly that I'm now a fool in your eyes, but happy to have made your weekend.

Stacy-- Klymaxx??


You were going to try to wait until there were no women in the ladies' room? Poor AJ, I can see you still in your stall as the restaurant is closing.

ms. sizzle


ha ha ha ha. i needed a laugh. thanks aj!

oh and, someday, will you tell us about the other time that happend? by saying "again" i assume this wasn't your first bathroom mishap...

;) sizz


We had a decent cleaning staff and the boys were pretty good actually. I think they knew they couldn't get away with much if they wanted to date us... or anyone we knew.

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