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November 11, 2005



I had a similar emergency @ Dulles Airport - it was an EARLY departure, didn't have time to go to the bathrom before leaving for the airport, so I went into ladies room by mistake - almost missed my flight waiting for the ladies to depart the restroom



If this is a true story... it is one of the hilarious things that I have heard All. Year!!!

"You had me at clop!!"

"The MichaelShakes Review Give it ****'s"

"Michael and Shakester give it two thumbs... Way Up!!"

"Even funnier than the "Fox Hat" bit!"

"Had me laughing until the very end!" Says the Sheakley Tribune!

"AAHHhhhhhh..." Reports the Erie Times News!




Don't you love how you can just openly tell a story like this and be gauranteed that many others will follow suit and share their stories of the like?

So about how many times would you say this has happened to you AJ?

I was at a stadium once that turned some guys rooms into girls rooms apparently b/c when I walked in and saw urinals, I had to run back out and double check.

Anyway, here's something fun to do at a party. Sit at the table right by the bathroom door and take peoples pictures as they walk out. Those are some of the best candid shots. Or just stick a camera down over the top of someones stall and shoot! Totally rad!


Leah-- I don't work well under pooping pressure!

KidH-- Why would they do that? Just for the fun of it? Seems cruel.

Angalee-- I'm suffering, alright!

Catrina-- Thank you. Have you read many??

Vapor-- And you were able to wait for an eye in the storm?? I'm impressed!

Michael-- HAHAHA! Can I use your quotes on my site??

Jax-- Totally RAD?? Yikes. There are some things I don't want to see!


On behalf of The MichaelShakes Review, Michael and Shakester, The Sheakley Tribune and the Erie Times News...



AJ, post something soon, I'm in withdrawl over here!!!


Well come on, I think we've all been there.


Enough with the chit chat - can we have a new post, please?

Movie Performer

I have to admit this is the best post ever. Let's give AJ a little bit more time. We all know he needs to recover from these. How's your diarrhea, baby?

Movie Performer


I'm sorry MP I can only talk about diarrhea for so long you know... ;o)

Washington Cube

I was in a Ruby Tuesday's not that long ago (for the salad bar and no massive mishaps involving the rest rooms), and I have to stay you've nailed their wait staff style. My waiter came over, KNELT next to me and in very chipper tones told me his name, etc. just as you described. The funny thing is...he had just finished up a conversation with a co-worker where they had been bitching about the customers. His co-worker said to him, "Yeah, and I hate it when they say "Would you please hurry up? I'm ready to order now," so when "Chip" knelt next to me I said, "Would you please hurry up, I'm ready to order now." He laughed, but I thought about how they are trained to present this certain persona (fake) to the customer and yet those oh so human moments (the bitching) leak through.


Nothing worst than dumping publicly. If you ever catch me doing it, you KNOW it's bad.

I guess we have to start calling you ShitBreak.


Funny, funny stuff (well, at least in retrospect.)


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