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November 08, 2005



I'm in total semi-agreeance. I only think it should be confined (see that's my new word) to social groups more than ethnic origin. I think a black banker might very well say "gosh and golly!", as a caucasian street hipster can say... eh... what ever a street hipster would say.

All this from a norsie trotting along trying to sound american... (does it help at all that I was actually, by incident, born in NY - even if my norse parents brought me prompte back to the old country before I could say "TWINKIES"?)

Mister Groonk

Bloody hell. I'm up way too late for this. But I'm in a zone where I need sleep but I don't want to.

I'm hip with not getting the white guys who try to talk "black". I sometimes wonder if it's cause they don't know how to "sell it". I settle on they're just idiots who want to be noticed.

I tend to grab colloquialisms from across the board. Though I've never said "bitchen" or "boss" or "rad". And if I did it was dripping with sarcasm. I have used "putz," "wanker," "bugger off" etc etc. Not sure why. It just happens that way.

My favorite new saying is, "Did you get a root?"

By the by, whoever made that Black People Love Us site is owed a bottle of the finest wine by me.

Anyway, go get a root.


i'll pretend that you used the terms "colourful" (no sp) and "innovations" in a complimentary, affectionate tone.

in defence of those caucasions with ebonics-inflicted vocabularies, they might not realise how bad it actually is. i am a living testament that you are a product of your environment - i say "dude" at least seventeen thousand times a day as a result of four years in southern california. i also find myself using "bitch" and "ho" as terms of endearment.

oh, yeah. i'm a classy broad.

i agree that the whole wigger thing is completely out of control....but all i'm saying is that it's a point now where it's second nature to them and they probably don't know --

a) how stupid they sound,
b) how freaking irritating it is
c) they may, in fact, be offending the originating subgroups.


and groonk...


i grew up in Australia, and went to high school in Canada for a year. you can imagine my pure shock and wide-eyed sixteen-year-old amazement that the canadians would be so bold to name a clothing line "Roots Canada", and have it be the official apparel sponsor to their olympic teams.

apparently it's not a term that's widely used here in north america...but i have to be honest, it STILL cracks me up.


"Yo, Mr motherfugger, your mortgage application is refused."

Yeah, I'm definitely seeing the problem with this whole approach to financial services.


One of my co-workers is overly fond of saying, "Whoa Nelly Furtado!" I have to admit, it makes me laugh.

I've noticed that preschool-age children have their own slang. I've heard them exclaim, "Barnacles!" and "Oh pickle juice!" and my personal favorite, "Holy Christmas Carols!"


Rabbit, don't forget Tartar Sauce.

Your blog is rad AJ. Neato. Coolbeans! Rats, I forgot what I was going to say. Anyhoo, thanks for that really awesome and cool post. Once again, you reminded me to be proud of the keen person that I am and that trying to adopt someone else's lingo only makes me look lame. I was reminded also not to be no playa hatah just because I have no idea what someone means when they ask me to shizzle their nizzle!

Fo sho. Peace. I'm out! Word to your grandma!

J to the Z!

always write

AJ, you done made my peeps proud with that link. (Worth noting: "I'm never ever gonna quit; 'Cause quittin' just ain't my schtick..." -Barry White, "Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up")

I must admit I drop the "yo" bomb now and then. But here's the thing: I'm a small, white, suburban-farmed Jewish girl. There's no mistaking for me anything else. So when I greet you with "hey yo" or respond with "hells yeah" or "I can dig it," I'm trying to call attention to my utter lack of coolness. I mean, I'm the first to admit I'm not hip; Cuteness is all I've got. I always thought it suited me... Now I wonder if maybe I'm not as charming as I think I am...


Dunno. I call where I live my "hood" and I definitely live in "da city."

What's the big deal sharing urban colloquialisms between friends :-)

BUT "Wassup" has GOT to go. I can't believe people are still saying that!

hhrvt - heather

I will admit I call my students (or any female) chicka or chick. I also say dude, and I picked up y'all after living in TX twice. (we won't talk about how often something is cool or awesome) My Maine-raised boyfriend laughs when I say "wicked" dammit.
I shudder when middle-aged white women say "bling-bling."


Living in Texas I use "Hell, yeah" way too much. But not all of us actually say "Howdy!", but we all use "y'all" for groups of 2 to 4. Any more than 4 and the correct vernacular becomes "all y'all"(pronounced awl_ya_awl'). I also tend to use expressions made famous by Quagmire from Family Guy, like "Giggidy,giggidy,giggidy!" or "Allllriighhhtt". And I do use "Whoa, Nelly" like you, but when I do it I sound like Keith Jackson calling a A&M game on Saturday morning.


I live in a fairly rural upstate New York community. I just don't get the poor little rich boys who try to be ghetto. (I'm not buying it for a minute, Buster.) I am THE dorkiest white woman on the planet, raising dorky kids and married to a man I affectionately call my D.W.G.. My daughter is engaged to an aeronautics engineer for heaven's sake.
"You go girl" are three words that will never trip off of my tongue. (It pained me to type them.)
We revel in our dorkdom, and somehow, it works for us.


yo yo yo, I'm down with that shit. I think it's whack when white boys gotta be frontin like that. peace out.

ugh, I'm such a square that I can't even pretend to talk like that.


Yeah, if you're gonna use it for for effect (as in funny or make fun of yourself) sure go for it.

I'm a white guy from waaaaay back and only use these very sparingly and only to make myself look like a dork. Well, more of one.

I hereby pledge that I have not, and will not use the phrase "My bad" in anything but a joking manor and only then if it is fully required and no other colection of words will suffice.
A white guy from the midwest who knows better.


Media certainly plays a role in all this, exposure results in a cross-pollinization of lingo. Advertising is probably the worst culprit when it comes to shizzle (man, that just feels awful to type).

And on an unrelated note, where's vol.2 of Mr. Do?

ms. sizzle

sometimes i catch myself saying "dude" and i cringe. it is embarassing to hear whiteys use slang like "dawg." didn't they get the memo?


Ummm....not ALL Texans say "Y'all" and nobody says "Howdy".

I do say "Dude", "Chick", and "Totally" way too much. "DUDE, I TOTALLY look better than that CHICK!"


I gotta say, you might be wrong here on the dawg thing. After all, it was also used quite a ways back in refering to someone as "Big Dog" in fact isn't that a god awful white person's clothing line?

Besides, haven't you seen those remade GI joe "the more you know" shorts, there's that one with the guy and the dog and he's looking straight in the dog's eyes and he says, "Ah, hell no, what up dawg?" How can you NOT go around repeating that?

From, a born and raised california valley girl,


Rarity-- First of all, I read your blog for like two months before I realized you weren't American. And second of all, "Twinkies" are cream-filled angel food cakes. What are YOU talking about?

Groonk-- "Black People Love Us" is comedy brilliance. And, no I haven't gotten a root in awhile. And, no I'm not offering.

Heather-- I actually love Aussie slang. I learned most of it from Wombat (kissnblog.com). But just because I enjoy it, doesn't mean I go around looking for "sheilas to snog".

Gordon-- Yes. They are utterly ridiculous. I'm embarrassed for them, actually.

Rabbit-- Spongebob slang is always enjoyed.

Jax-- WOW. You win.

AW-- I say "yo" at least 1000 times a day. But when I say it, it's Rocky from Philadelphia. Not Snoop Frog or whatever.

Lisa-- You live in a NEIGHBORHOOD. Not a "hood".

HH-- "bling-bling"? No. JUST. NO.

Stubs-- My "Whoa Nelly" is more like I'm talking to a horse. Named Nelly.

Ambeart-- I have a couple of theories on WHY poor white kids talk like that. But this blog is probably not the place. Maybe I can start an anonymous blog which discusses those issues. (Or maybe I already have. Hmmmm)

Lizzie-- You're as good at it as I am. No worries, my white sistah.

Blackie-- Thank you for your pledge. I'm holding you to it.

Claire-- You're right, the media definitely plays a role. Mr. Do? Huh? What? (runs)

Sizz-- I tend to type "dude" more than I say it. "Whiteys!" Ha!!

Shini-- Nobody says "Howdy"? No wonder I was getting funny looks from all those folk down in Austin. Huh.

Mel-- Those GI Joe parodies are hilarious. Especially to those of us who REMEMBER watching the real ones after school way back when.


Only old farmers in Texas say howdy, sugar. We will however use y'all like there is no tomorrow. And, Stubby, down with Keith Jackson! Hook 'em Horns!

Mister Groonk


Heather, I was wondering if I should throw that in there. I figured, 'what the heck?'.

Mister Groonk

oh yeah, aj, i didn't ask *for* one. just making sure you go and *get* one.

i'm looking out for you, dawg.

(i can get away with that cause i'm black)


Melissa-- Hook 'em Horns? Oy vey.

Groonk-- You're black?? No....... ;-)


AJ, this entry reminded me of a time about 3 years ago when I was visiting my sister and her family, who live in a suburb that would probably qualify to be on a Top 10 list for Whitest Places In North America. My youngest nephew, who was about 13 at the time, greeted me with a hearty, "WAZZUP, DAWG?" when I walked through the door. Fortunately, he's since outgrown that stage.


Are you saying I don't remember the real ones...? Inflection is so hard to read, eh?

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