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November 02, 2005



Oh my god, PLEASE make more movies. Please. I'll send you something if you'll make more movies - I certainly own enough crap!

I did enjoy that his beady little eyes remained dry (and sort of evil-looking) while yours...well, got wet!


the cheat is NOT dead!

ok that amused the hell outta me. i'm with sandra...definitely more movies.



You're movies rock!!! So me three---more AJ cinema. :)

Hoping Tamika was OK with being cut..



You attacked the enemy wearing a The Cheat shirt?

*goes off to weep*


That was... it was... just beautiful, man...

I am deeply moved.

Especially since a squirrel aggressively urinated on my car from a tree when I was trying to park yesterday.



Genius. Pure genius.

/wipes away tears.


Well done, A.J. Thumbs up on this short film.
(It was worth the download wait, just to know that you tuck it to the left.)


Just as I was raising my eyebrows at your, um, "tuck", I nearly spit my coffee out at The Cheat tee. (Groonk - you posted my post!) Love the ninja headband necktie.

Make more movies, definitely.
Stealth outfitting, possibly.
Singing Chris Isaak...we'll just leave that alone.
(Perhaps you need this: http://www.cleveland.com/guitarmania/content.ssf?/guitarmania/gallery/thecheatar.html)

As always, a good time had by all but "ballsy" sqirrels here at AJ's Piece o' The Web.


Whoops. You'll need to remove my closing parenthsis to make the link work. Doy.


Who needs televisjon when we have AJ-channel?

Love the way you had to pick up the blaster after the nifty action-roll on the ground... (But I'm glad there'll be no more Chris Isaak - sorry)

AND kudos for the umbrella!

So, that leaves us the chair, is it zebra skin or white tiger? (tsk!)


Give me a blow by blow on how to make those movies??? I think that's so funny and my two kids are always asking me to let them make movies but I haven't any knowledge on how....YOur's are fabulous! I love them! they are hilarious


Hilarious. Reminds me of making Super-8 shorts when I was a teenager. Only you don't need a separate editor. (Mine was a Bilora, and it's still out in the shed somewhere.) And you don't need a projector. (Mine was an Elmo. And it's busted now.) Plus, you get sound without having to try to sync the movie to a cassette tape. Plus there are no sprockets to break and no tape splices to get caught in the projector. And you can show it to other people without running the risk of breaking your only original copy and without paying to have a print made.

Okay, it's not very much like Super-8 at all. So sue me.

But it *was* damned funny.


Dude you need more firepower. The answer, as usual is on Wikipedia: "The electrified water cannon is a non-lethal weapon under early research by Jaycor Tactical Systems, as part of a program to produce less lethal weapons for law enforcement officers..."



electrified water cannon?! holy bajeebus that sounds cool yet subversive.

thanks for that, gordon.

and sorry about that, ambeart. it just sorta came to me. esp after the ending.


Sandra-- I will. But sometimes Groonk yells at me when I slack on my writing. So I have to keep things balanced. ;-)

Groonk-- I cracked wise at the Cheat, but he cracked wise at me first...

Min-- I'm still dreading the conversation with Tamika's agent on that.

D-Money-- Had to. My Fireburt shirt was in the hamper.

Merujo-- So every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the...

KJ-- You probably started crying as soon as I started singing.

Nic-- Yeah, the tuck was crude. I tried to balance it by buffing my nails. I'm a classy guy with no class at all.

Ambeart-- THE CHEATAR! That rocks. There's a cool time lapse film of them making the Big Cheatar on the Homestar DVDs.

Rarity-- Do they even HAVE TV in Norway? Hey, if you take out the "r", it spells No Way! Oh, btw... it's 85 and sunny as I type this. Just sayin.

Jules-- I am going to hold a seminar called "How To Make Yourself Look Like an Ass With The Internet". You are invited to attend.

BMC-- Ha! I had a Super-8 also. Synching sounds was a BITCH. You really DO need a clapboard!

Gordon-- ELECTRIFIED WATER CANON! YES!! I couldn't blog about that, though. The PETA people would DEFINITELY want a word with me.


Dude - that rocked. Luckily, I had forewarning from MM's post not to be eating or drinking anything whilst watching.
I got a woodchuck begging to be eliminated!


Nope, TV hasn't come to Norway yet, but now I don't have to miss it...

Must be boring with all that nice weather all the time? I heard it never rains in Southern California - it POURS!

Sighhhhhhh... who am I trying to fool?


No one is going to be able to beat that for Crush of the Week at the Daily Minute. You've cornered it again.

Enjoyed the tuck to the left... thanks.


You have a lovely singing voice.

I also like how you referred to it as a "nut attack." I am immature and sophomoric, so that made me laugh hysterically.


AJ, either you're brilliant or you just have way too much time on your hands.

Heather Meadows

That was fantastic! I love the Cheat, the tuck, the roll and subsequent gun grab, and the nut attack :)

That wily squirrel!


Love the nail buffing. Well done!


Sharfa-- A WOODCHUCK?? I thought those were mythical beasts known only by tale and song! Awesome. You want I should FedEx you my blaster? There's no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

Rarity-- I haven't been here long enough to be bored by the PERFECT weather. I'm still giddy. I'm sure I'll become jaded in a few months. In the meanwhile, who wants margaritas??

Melissa-- You've got me striving for excellence!

Arm-- I just can't believe I put nuts in my mouth for that stupid movie. Big, hard, salty nuts. Ick.

Rabbit-- I would hope I'm the former, knowing I'm probably the latter.

Heather-- That roll is a difficult move! I learned it in Navy Seal Camp.

Claire-- You can't fight rodents with messy nails. It's just not proper.


That was beyond excellent! Man you've missed your calling...If I had an award to give, it would be yours...I'm laughing so hard I can barely see to type....

Pauly D

I'd just like to say that I found the nut part to be far more emotionally satisfying than the end of that MILLION DOLLAR BABY movie, so... You know.

Good work.

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