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November 16, 2005



Awesome. And the Oscar goes to... AJ Gentile!

You are the best Vlogger on the internets.

Shane Nickerson

Is that the theme from Somewhere in Time? Fucking hilarious, AJ. You've outdone yourself.

Movie Performer

So, let's get serious.

Despite the fact that I wasn't able to enjoy the vlog (I could hear you perfectly, but the picture was not clear at my end), I have to say it was very moving. Here is what I did--I minimized my player, got my headphone on, and listened to what you had to say. Nice touch on the background music.

Let’s face it, when someone criticizes our work, it hurts our feelings. That’s a fact. Then we start changing our ways, and make adjustments to fit their needs. Not good at all.

I spend a lot of time in photography, designing my sites, and trying to make things work. I’m always tense, and the pressure is enormous at times. So, I come to your site to relieve the pressure. You’ve always managed to make me laugh.

The reason why I come here is that I feel like what I see is what I get. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't come off as a phony person. The best thing about you is that you take the time to comment on all of your readers. There is a sense of community here.

I hope that you won’t change a thing about you.

Be you and I‘ll be me.

Now, if that ain’t being serious I don’t know what is. Keep your chin up, you hear? These last sentence is in honor of your "I'm not down with any sort of shizzle, home slices post."

Much love,

Movie Performer

Movie Performer

So, so, sorry about the long post. I didn't realize. I'll make it short next time.

Movie Performer


Uhm, dude? The decor in that room before the video starts is a bit ... well ... girly. Where's the oak paneling? At least put up a Farrah Fawcett poster!


Heartfelt, man. Heart. Felt.


OK, that stripper bit in the background with the old lady was just too much, AJ. OK, *seriously*, I enjoy reading your blog. I imagine most other people feel the same way. Don't worry about not being serious enough.


The Star Wars kid...How can anyone go wrong with the Star Wars kid in the background! That's pee your pants funny!


FFF-- I'd like to thank the Academy of Fox Force Five... and my Mom... and...

SN-- You either have a good ear for movie music or a penchant for chick flicks.

Movie-- Thank you for the kind words. But this vlog needs to be seen, as well as heard.

Drew-- You're right. I need some Farah or pictures of Knight Rider.

Su-- \m/

Chuck-- Thanks Chuck. I don't plan on making it very serious any time soon. :-)

Stacy-- I am a HUGE Star Wars Kid fan. Huge.


herve is my copilot

Mister Groonk

you're gonna cry in the car aren't ya?

don't lie. it's ok.

men can cry.

(when they're wussies)

who said that?!

that smack talking frog got on my keyboard again.

gotta watch that frog.


OMG! you're killing me - I was (am) just in the middle of breakfast watching this blockbuster vlog here... Question: How do you get yoghurt out of your keyboard?

Love you man!


This VLOG is my fault.

And I am fully willing to take responsibility for making AJ cry to the tune of Nicky, Pauly D, The Star Wars Kid, Frodo, The Urban Ninja and My Grandma.

This is also the reason I will never Vlog.

(AJ is too good at production; I would be shamed.)


Ho-- Satan is my motor.

Groonk-- Are you surprised at my tears, sir? Strong men also cry. Strong. Men. Also. Cry.

Rarity-- Love ya right back. Sorry bout the keyboard. :-)

JM-- Your minions would LOVE a vlog. DO IT. But don't ask me to produce it. ;-)

special sauce

Why was the the baby dancing on a Led Zepplin album cover? Heh.

AJ, is there some kind of frames/pee your pants ratio that most other filmmakers are unaware of? Because you seem to consistently be able to make us (ok, me) giggle to the point of needing to invest in a vinyl chair for reading your blog. Good show.

MJ in Michigan

I would suggest to special sauce that the frams/pee your pants ratio is 1:1.618, which is the "divine ratio." It is a symbol of perfection in nature. I would bet that it appears in the amount of yogurt in a keyboard, the amount of coffee spewed out my nose this morning upon seeing Herve Villechaize in duplicate, in Herve's height, and the Star Wars Kid's staff. AJ, your blog is truly divine.


AJ, you can do it, you can do anything you put your mind to, all you need is a little more confidence. Don't be sad about who you are. You are such a wonderful person- you need to let yourslef accept that. And if these words of wisdom don't work you can always talk it over with some fellow bloggers on the Maury show, if things get heated you can always upgrade to Jerry.


Seriously funny,
AJ Gentile.

Good one.


"[he] ran the whole gamut of emotions from A to B."

Ahhhhh much better now, I have my AJ fix.


Like I always say, the world is a better place with AJ in it!

I had so many emotions during that Vlog, this comment box could not hold them all.


You are my hero. Tattoo was the best - because let's face it - midgets really help you get in touch with your inner most feelings. I laughed, I cried, I think I may have even thrown up a little bit.

I am not worthy.


Tattoo is where I lost it. Seriously. I seriously lost it. I'm laughing now just thinking about it.


The tears were STREAMING down my face. You are so deep. The deepest in the blog-oh-sphere. You make the funny and yet ... you touch me. Deeply. You have so many dimensions.


Frodo: "Bilbo, have you been at the Gaffer's home brew?"
Bilbo: "No. Well, yes, but that's not the point."


It's like watching Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room." Well done, well done indeed.

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