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November 16, 2005



Oh my god, dying. In a good way.

I do have to say that I spent a lot of time staring at the background, trying to hold my breath in case David Hasselhoff popped up. Why was I holding my breath? Because about 20 seconds into the vlog, I loudly snort/laughed and alarmed everyone sitting near me at work.


My mascara is pooling beneath my eyes and tears are running out the sides of my eyes; my cheeks hurt worse than a squirrel's full of seeds. Dang, you make me LLLLLLLLAUGH!

The "pan" of Frodo sent me completely over the edge.

My poor co-worker across from me is laughing too and she didn't even have the pleasure of watching this vlog.

AJGentile? I love thee...


I love your vlogs. They're worth the 30 minute download time.


Sauce-- Thank you! I don't think I've ever made a girl pee before.

MJ-- While I do avoid "pee", I strive for "Phi" in every project.

Mona-- Before I get to the Jerry stage, I think I'll need a blogger intervention.

Ambeart-- This is about as serious as I can get.

Melissa-- I think I ran the gamut from A to A-and-a-half.

Jax-- I don't know if the world is a better place with me in it, but it's a slightly more crowded place. That I can be sure of.

CB-- You are most certainly worthy. And, yes, what's not to love about little people?? EVERYONE loves little people! They are, like, the ICE CREAM of people!

Jill-- You should see that WHOLE video of Tattoo, WITH SOUND. You really will pee. Wanna?

Nic-- Thank you! I have so many dimensions. I'm like String Theory. Superstring, even.

Gordon-- I'd love to party with Hobbits. Gaffer's brew. Longbottom leaf. They really get it on.

Claire-- Wolf beats me in the "coolest name" dept though.

Sandra-- HASSELHOFF! Ahhhhh! He would have been great. Next time. Next. Time.

Melina-- I love thee, two. Thou? Lovest? Loveth? Ahh, forget it.

Rabbit-- My blog is NOT dialup friendly!


Very funny. I just found it odd that you said you were going to get "serious." You mean the other posts were supposed to be funny too?


Aj, your blog was great! As usual your cinematographic abilities boggle the mind, but, for the love of God please tell me that's not your room in the opening shot...that's a girl room...a very young girls room...exactly what are you doing filming in this "little girls" room......pervert!


I really ws trying my best to take you seriously but I was laughing my ass off with --William Shatner-esque-- over acting. It was great. And hey we love you funny. SOmetimes reality is a tough pill to swallow but oiled with a little humor and voila---it goes down smoother.

Keep blogging and thanks for the add..


It's official, you are now Crush of the Week at the Daily Minute. You're so cute I could just pinch your cheeks!


It's official. You've lost your mind.


Well I think that might have hurt my feelings too. That aside, I think some of the most heartfelt writing comes from people who can write "funny" aka comedy. So, if you decide to write more serious posts I have NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER you can do that.



Pauly D

Where did you get my sheep video from? I mean, uh, I thought that was protected in my secret blog directory!

On a serious note -- JM seemingly tells all the funny people she knows that they can't be serious. I suspect it is because she wants to rid the world of all funny so she can be Master Ninja Funny Girl.

Well, we must stand strong in her face of disdain.


I gotta say, my first thought was boy, you need to hire a decorator or you ain't never gonna get any action.

Anyway, loved it. Muy fabuloso.


That was beautiful - so heartfelt and poignant.

Don't go changing, to try and please me. You've never let me down before.

We love you the way you are!


Don't make me start comment stalking you again, Pauly D.

You know how that turned out last time.

(You were shamed.)

PS: Stover rules!


Neil-- Supposed to be, yes. But they don't always work out that way.

Dora-- No that's not my room! But that doesn't mean I'm not a pervert.

Tanisha-- Overacting? I thought I was *under* acting!

Melissa-- How flattering! Do I get a banner or something to post over here?

Bowchicka-- A random duck.

LisaB-- Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I just don't think I can.

Jax-- Buckwhatnow?

Pauly-- We will have to join forces. Her ninjitsu is strong.

Melanie-- Gracias mucho, mami.

Jewels-- You're always a blogger to me!

JM-- Your shoelaces are untied.

Mark MacLeod

I was just smirking at your hilarity until the Star Wars kid came on and then I couldn't hold it in any longer. Well done!


I laughed. I cried. I think I wet my panties at some point during your heartwrenching monologue.

Loved the Star Wars kid...:)


effing classic. very Chevy-on-early-SNL funny. had me rolling dude!

Pauly D

Stover thinks that digital threats instill fear, but they do no more than cause the forces she seeks to destroy to join together and set in motion a plan of attack that cannot be stopped.

Go ahead, Stovah - do you worst!


OY. I was finally able to see this, (when I commented before I was just able to hear it.)

AJ, keep your day job being funny. It works!

jennifer Lankenau

It has been proven that people with a good sense of humor and a sunny disposition typically live longer than their brooding counterparts.

I say stuff the serious. Leave the boring drivel to the evening news.

Movie Performer

I finally saw the video. Remember I had a problem viewing it? Well, this time I focused on the background, and my jaw almost fell to the ground. OMG! OMG! WOW! Where did you get the "rocking chair" clip? Simply the best vblog.

Movie Performer



AJ here's the Racial Slur data base.
Helping make the world a better place.


I love the blogging community!!
Thank you A.J.

I wish my neighbors were bloggers.

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