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November 21, 2005



Honey, you ain't in NY anymore. These people you speak of are not from Puerto Rico regardless of if in the end it is an Italian stereotype...
oh, and i'm drunk.

Movie Performer

Poor AJ! First, you had diarrhea (liquid), now this (blood)? I'm surprise you're still alive.

Anyway, joo are so lucky amigo.

Joor post is bery good. I like it a lot.

Movie Performer


The NERVE of some people! I hope you weren't joking about the phoney signature - this is not a situation where you just give a faint smile and pay up. You should sue them just on principle

- man that's an aggravating story! But funny - really funny!


Van Gogh - Awesome!!!!!

special sauce

Dangit, and I was just about to head up to SuperCuts for my "please tell me my favorite stylist is still working here, because my hair STILL looks nice after 6 months because she has mad skillz, and I have to impress people Friday, and I don't think I can trust anyone else in here to not give me a mullet or worse yet, bangs" visit after work tonight.

Ack. Have you stopped bleeding yet?


I can't believe that! The way I was brought up, the moment you accidentally DRAW BLOOD from another person, you apologize or at least PRETEND to be sorry and do whatever it takes to make the bleeding stop. And you sure as Hell don't charge them for your trouble! If this had happened to me, I would have made a scene. A horribly embarrassing scene. I would have stood outside their front door, bleeding on the sidewalk, shouting "Run for your lives, Maria is a butcher!" to anyone trying to enter. But that's just me.


Did you sign the receipt in your blood? I think it would have made your point.

Washington Cube

I'm surprised you didn't speak to the manager of the shop about this. They can't have Maria in there acting out Sweeney Todd moments. She's obviously incompetent and needs to expediently depart.


Did you ever see the SNL skit on the bad haircut support group?

This blows that away!

Hello, My name is AJ GENTILE, and I have a bad haircut.

Helllllooooo AJ!

Looks like someone went to supercuts and fell asleep in the chair!!!

Anyway AJ, your a genious. You can even turn a haircut massacre story and make it hillarious. I bow to you sir!

Have a great day!


Hey AJ, what a horrible experience to have! I never would have signed the credit card...I would, in fact, have invited that guy to call the police and save the bloody tissue to show them.

Finally found a good place near here that doesn't charge a fortune for haircuts...but then, I'm not living in LA either. Everything seems to be more expensive there compared to most places.

BTW, I have had good luck with Great Clips in the past if you're interested in trying another fairly inexpensive place.


I like you, AJ, I really do. But I laughed my ass off when I read this one. Everyone says they laugh out loud and, finally, I did too! You poor bloody baby!
The half-haircut photo ... too funny! The title ... perfect.


Come to Houston and I'll take you to my girl. The shampoo alone will make you feel like you've just been on vacation.

Cissa Fireheart

You should report them to the Board of Health, Better Business Bureau, or at least the Board of Cosmotology for your city/state. And then, call the corportate headquarters of SuperCuts and complain about the fact you got charged even though your cut was not complete and you got cut twice....seriously? You can screw them royally....And why not? Afterall, you are WOUNDED!!


Yikes! Perhaps I can give you the name of my semi-reasonably priced, token heterosexual male stylist in Beverly Hills? He is a New Yorker too. He does good hair and I still have both ears intact after many years :-)


Oh dear, laughed my arse off, nice one. Did you sign a waiver? You know like, "we encourge patrons to give generously"?


"No thanks. I'm not supposed to donate more than one pint per day."

HAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up, Van Gogh!


You really have to read this site. The guy goes and "signs" credit cards with various different "signatures", including full stick figure scenes.


Kid Herder

He's Dead, Jim!

Yikes. I thought THAT kind of barbering was a thing of the past!

Here are a cool group of barbers here in NYC:


Sassy Girl

First of all, thanks for coming by my blog. Second of all, you'll probably never see this comment because you're delightfully popular, it seems, and I can see why...what a great blog!

Lastly, I'll keep putting up the Elvgren pictures if it means you keep coming by. :)


I have a similar story, however, when I left, I was crying and I accompanied their request for payment with a barrage of hand gestures, signals and various previously unheard-of swear words. I figured if they think I'm speaking in tongues due to the massacre atop my head, they can't really expect me to be coherant enough to pay. Finally they just asked me to leave the salon.

Great blog!


AJ, seriously, dude - Cissa is right. You need to report these peeps. Beyond the fact that you got royally screwed (man, you are kinder than I am - there's no way I would have paid these weaselfreaks), there are health code issues surrounding your dismissive ear snip-snip.

Back in the days before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I occasionally got a manicure. Once I made the bad decision to get one in a little salon in a shopping mall in my hometown. The bored Hmong male teenage manicurist (who dressed like one of Victoria Gotti's Guido-chic kids) sliced one of my fingers and just ignored my blood-dripping digit. When I kicked up a fuss, he tried to just rinse off my finger with water from the fingertip soak bowl. Then he just wanted to spray the polish fixative on my finger to "seal it up." (Aaaaaaarggg!) I insisted on him getting the first aid kit and fixing me up. I also refused to pay, as the kid was on his cell phone throughout the manicure, hence his lack of attention.

Still, my finger ended up infected. I called the health department, and they went and checked them out. Turns out, they weren't following any normal sanitary procedures and they got their butts shut down. Not saying that SuperCuts is a wretched hive of infection, but if they clip your flesh, and then blow you off, *and* make you pay, they need a little visit from the health peeps. (Where's Alway Write's mom when you need her?!? She would have gotten you that cut for free, and probably a year's worth of freebies along with it!!!)


Sassy girl, Aj ROCKS, not only does he read all his comments but he seems to respond to everyone he can. I do wonder if, as his popularity grows, if he can keep it up! But I can't keep him to myself. I find myself endorsing him on many a post on my blog!


I can't believe the NERVE of them asking you if you wanted to leave a tip. Come on bud!

Heather B.

funny shit right there. Yeah it sucks that you were bleeding but it was entertaining for the rest of us, so thanks Mr. Van Gogh.

hhrvt - heather

Report them NOW. And find yourself a decent barber...my girl will charge you $30, but she'll never cut you and will give you an excellent scalp massage

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