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December 21, 2005



Aw stop your whining, you big baby ;-)

Oh and welcome home!


Well I guess I shouldn't complain about the Boston subway system when they are at least showing up to work every day...and it's damn cold here, too. Have a wonderful Christmas, AJ! *mWAH!*

Jennifer Lankenau

I was at Target yesterday; this middle-aged very amply-sized woman with her litter decided to call dibs on my spot before I even opened the back to unload my cart. There were plenty of spots towards the end, but that was WAY too far away. So she's blocking all these cars behind her so she won't have to walk an extra 50 feet. So, on sheer principle, I decided that instead of parking my cart in the cart corral, I'd be super-nice and take it all the way back to the store, just to piss her off. It was euphoric.


Are you ever jealous of the pregnant woman parking spots at Target? Many days, I've thought, "what are they going to do? Make me pee on a stick in the parking lot? They don't say HOW pregnant you have to be..." And then I remember that karma can be a bitch and look for a spot like everyone else. But making the choice...somehow makes me feel better.


damn those transit guys. i'm losing work because of them. i just got back from boston and it felt way more christmasy there because of the cold weather. have fun.


Are you experiencing reverse culture shock? I had the same problem when I came back to the states the first time. Everything seemed huge and loud. And I'm not just talking about the 300 lb. Midwesterners.


I refuse to read this post with irony glasses on my little nose...

I mean to think that you actually DO love it - you know this is temporary, you're going back to Cali soon enough and christmas in NY wouldn't be any good if it weren't ... well... New York!

Have a grand old holiday and suck it in - Ho Tally!

God jul! :-D


For David to compare you to Hunter Thompson was an extremely honorable compliment. Aspire to greatness, you crazy kid!

Tom Hanks was very cute in "Terminal" and I adored that movie. I kept thinking, "I could do that".

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Stay warm.

Cissa Fireheart

Welcome back to the North East, AJ!! Just think, we're a mere 3 hours away from each other!! And I can tell you why that bitch took your parking space. Because those 8 bloody effing kids are diving her insane, and she just wants to get the hell in and out of Target, and get home where she can close herself in her bedroom and have 2 minutes of peace and quiet as quickly as possible. Plus trying to corral 8 kids through more than 20 feet of parking lot will almost garantee one of them trying to run in front of a car, because kids are dumb sometimes. Trust me. I have to do this with 2 all the time, and by the end of a shopping trip I am ready for the looney bin.

As for the Strike? well....you'd think they'd wait til after the holidays...but New York mentality is much like much of the northeast - piss people off enough and you will get what you wante eventually. Hope the rest of your shopping goes ok!


Hey AJ,

Hope you are enjoying the holiday...even if New Yorkers are not the most polite people, I'm sure there's tons to do there. When I was in the military, it took me a while to learn how to deal with people from NYC. Treat them politely and they had no respect for you at all. Treat them rudely at first and you'd become great friends with them. Have a great Christmas!


Y'know Chuck? That's true of alot of people that aren't even New Yorkers. Being too nice makes people cringe, so sometimes it's better to be just a little rough around the edges. Eh?


Say "Hi" to Donald for me!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, or whatever you're celebrating. Nothing like shopping at Target *moments* before present time! Have a great holiday and a safe trip.

By the way Sandra, I NEVER park in the pregnant spaces. I feel like I'd be tempting fate.


I'm not sure I'm enjoying some of the New York-bashing going on here...

Welcome home, boy!


So, AJ, enjoying the weather?


I love Targee, oops I mean Target. Happy Holidays :)


It's not just NYC, AJ. It's that whole East Coast urban holiday experience (of course, yours is greatly enhanced by the New York ambience and lack of public transportation.) I've been having "F U, Merry Freakin' Christmas" moments all week. Good thing I have today off, otherwise I might have bitten off someone's raised middle finger during my commute downtown. (Preferably a jaywalking loser headed to the National Zoo to see Butterstick, the goddamned panda baby.)

Happy, happy!


AJ, hope you enjoy your holidays with your family, back in your old hometown, bad attitude idiots included. There's just nothing that can compare, is there?

Washington Cube

How can you not love Christmas in New York? You want to go back to California and see Santa and his sleigh on sand?


You jealous because you aren't Most Dreamed About?

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