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January 28, 2006



We were ready to report you missing... Glad you are still with us. Looking forward to the details of your adventures since X-mas.


You're back!!!!!

Once again I have a reason for living!


oh, man, I miss el pollo loco. I love dat shit.

Pauly D

This post reminds me of The Sound of Music!

Keep up the great work!


I do miss El Pollo Loco. Them, and In'N'Out. Hardee's isn't bad, but it's no In'N'Out.


aw, chuck, why you got to bring up the in'N'out...now I want to cry of homesickness.

Mister Groonk

yer back.

bout time, kid.


A lemon tree is perfect! I'll bring the tequila.


Dude, it may be a bit of a hassle, but come summer, you'll be loving it when everywhere else is sweltering. Should be less smoggy overall too.

And no more tar pits! That's got to feel good.


Welcome back, man!

Patio, lemon tree and ocean breeze sounds just what the doctor ordered, to me!


Congrats on the gig, AJ. A steady paycheck and a schedule that allows you to follow other paths is a pretty decent thing. (Plus the Playmates. And the stripper pole. And the padded walls...)

Sorry I missed you in L.A. this weekend! I had really great time. Didn't end up going to UCB - too many hours of standing at HOB the night before. We tried to go to El Coyote for dinner on Saturday, but the wait was too long. Still, found some good Mexican food and had a great evening.

Come to think of it, hanging out with Lady Lump here might not be good for the image of anyone working for Playboy - so you may have dodged a bullet there, my friend! ;-)

Again, congrats, AJ. Hope this year turns out pretty brilliantly for you.




oh you moved? Are you going to miss your neighbors?


Glad you're back ... you look different somehow. Did you used to wear glasses?

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