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May 25, 2006



Perhaps this is a subtle hint to take less "bathroom" breaks.


well, maybe if it wasn't Playboy radio...


The no food in the studio...I mean how can a DJ expect to get bloated, greasy and disgusting without doughnuts, pizza, and cokes throughout their shift?

I don't mean to cast aspersions but we have really gross DJs around here.


Sounds like hes been watching too much CSI.


bodily fluids....
Oh, my.

I do suppose some of the, umm, accoutrements might get a bit...funky.

Hey, would this include tissues you blew your nose into?
Enquiring minds want to know.


Hmmmm....I think it means you're either working in a hospital, or for Playboy.


...or maybe Hustler, Chuck.

are you really working for Hustler, AJ?

You can tell us if you are.

does "no food" = no "9 1/2 weeks" skit?

that girl

I miss you!


I don't get it.
What's unusual?


about what Shini said...


err... I mean HARR-Dee Harr har, she's funny that lass.

Arrrrr and stuff
*shots for shini*
*and groonk*
*and AJ*


Wonder if they thought they were being clever working that 'bodily fluids' bit into the middle where it could be (but wasn't) missed...


"And I can swear to you, my boy, swear to you, that there's nothing wrong with my bodily fluids. Not a thing, Jackie." - Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake


It's the daily, right? Who cleans daily?


Ya think?

And for the record, I have NEVER been in a studio where there was no food or drink. They are living in a dream world.


God, your cleaners suck -- ours TOTALLY clean up body fluids.


Welcome to the corporate world. Only corporate bastards would make you responsible for anything containing your bodily fluids.


I'm sitting in a studio right now and to my left (about one foot from a computer keyboard, by the way) is a cup of coffee. To my right is a cookie. My pack of smokes is within arm's reach - if it was fifteen years ago, I'd have one lit. I've got nasal spray near the smokes. There's some of that nasty "Static Guard" spray over near the cookie.

No body fluids, though. Yet.


Two Words: Policemans friend. That'll take care of ya' bodily fluids.

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